Lost Ark The Truth of a Drunk Location Hidden Story

The Lost Ark Truth of a Drunk hidden story location is one of many different collectibles that you can find scattered all across the game. They vary in how well they’re hidden; this one, for example, is extremely difficult to find. The clue tells you next to nothing, and even if you do know roughly where it is, it’s still impossible to spot. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

lost ark the truth of a drunk location hidden story
Lost Ark The Truth of a Drunk Location Hidden Story

Where to Find The Truth of a Drunk Hidden Story in Lost Ark

To find the location of the Truth of a Drunk Lost Ark hidden story, you first need to find your way to the Ankumo Mountain region. You can get there by heading east in Prideholme and into Loghill. Next, travel all the way north through that region, and you’ll find yourself in the south of Ankumo Mountain. If you have any teleports unlocked, use them if you want to. The bottom line is, you need to get yourself to the south of Ankumo; do it however you please.

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Next up, make your way to the Old Cathedral Ruins area. You’ll find this hidden story in the bushes behind one of the pillars of the ruined church. If you zoom in on the map, you’ll find these bushes right on the first “a” in the word “Cathedral.” Just approach the bush and the little magnifying glass icon will pop up. That’s where you’ll find the Truth of a Drunk hidden story in Lost Ark. Come clost to the icon and complete the button prompt to pick it up. Read about what happened to the poor drunk, and be on your way.

And that about wraps it up. There are many other hidden stories to find all over the game, but that’s a matter for a different guide. Speaking off, feel free to check out our other Lost Ark guides if you need help with something else in the game.

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