Save Gerka or Run Away Choice Lost Ark

During the Prologue of Lost Ark, you will be forced to make a very unexpected choice. And, while you can skip the Prologue altogether, it will teach you the game’s mechanics and story, so it’s definitely advisable that you play through it at least once. Without spoiling too much, at a certain point in the Prologue, Adventure Captain Gerka will get himself into trouble. You will then be presented with two options: “Save Gerka”, or “Run Away”. Which should you choose? What are the consequences of each choice? Our Save Gerka or Run Away Choice Lost Ark guide will explore both of these, so that you can make the best option for you and your character. Needless to say, massive story spoilers from this point on.

Save Gerka or Run Away Choice Lost Ark

Lost Ark Gerka Choice – Run Away or Save Gerka

Adventure Captain Gerka and Priest Morpheus will, along with some other characters, accompany you for most of the Prologue. However, near the end of this starting area, Gerka’s greed will get the better of him and he will betray Morpheus and you. He and his crew will try to steal some treasure and this will backfire on them. The artifact that they are trying to steal will trigger a spell that will start turning all of them into stone.

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Gerka will be the last person who is turning to stone and he will scream for you to help him. This is where the choices come into play. If you select to “Save Gerka”, your character will run to him, only for Morpheus to blast you away and save your life like that. Gerka will turn to stone soon after that. If you choose to “Run away”, your character will, naturally, not try and save Gerka. Ultimately, both of these lead to the same result. So, choose whichever choice you think best suits your character from a role-playing and ethical point of view.

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