Unlock Trade Skills in Lost Ark

If you want to know how to unlock trade skills in Lost Ark, we’ve got you covered. Having these skills is important, because they let you gather all sorts of resources. They include things like hunting, fishing, mining, logging, foraging, and excavating, and all of these are important in their own way. So, in this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock the Lost Ark trade skills, as well as list off the types of trade skills and what they’re all about.

unlock trade skills in lost ark
Unlock Trade Skills in Lost Ark

How to Unlock Trade Skills in Lost Ark

To unlock Trade Skills in Lost Ark, the first order of business is to play through the game until you make your way to Lakebar Village. This should happen some ten hours or so in, hinging on how thoroughly you explore everything. Don’t worry, it’s all a part of the main story; the game wants you to have the trade skills, so it’s not gonna cheat you out of it. Once you make it to the village, you’ll get the “Crown of Lakebar” quest. Over the course of the mission, you’ll unlock the trade skills (pressing L brings the menu up) and crafting. Make sure to complete the adjoining guide quest to get acquainted with all the systems.

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Lost Ark Trade Skills Types

Now that we know how to unlock trade skills in Lost Ark, it’s time that we went through their types and what they do. There are six trade skills, and for the most part, they revolve around gathering different kinds of resources. Here’s a list of them, along with brief descriptions.

  • Foraging – Gathering of plants and mushrooms, mostly for making bombs and potions. Mushrooms require Foraging level 10.
  • Logging – Chopping down and collecting wood for your ships and Stronghold. Level perks include gathering wood from higher rarity trees, temporarily turning a sapling into a mature tree, and more.
  • Mining – Gathering ores and minerals for upgrading gear and your Stronghold. Level perks include a minigame that rewards you with more materials, increased drops of rare materials, and the glorious Mining Bombs.
  • Hunting – The perks in this skill tree are kinda fun. For example, one marks prey after it comes into contact with nodes from the previous three categories. One lets you set traps. Level 30 unlocks Tracking.
  • Fishing – The skills in this tree make fishing easier, obviously. For example, you unlock the option to drop bait, barrel fishing (basically like setting traps in Hunting), and more.
  • Excavating – Unlike most of the previous skills, excavating doesn’t have nodes; rather, you have to use the Relic Search active skill. The stuff you unlock in this skill tree basically makes your job easier.
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