Song of Escape Lost Ark, How to Use Song of Escape

Lost Ark is a huge game. With so much content in it, it’s great that this MMOARPG also has some quality-of-life options that make it more enjoyable to play. One of the reasons why this is the case is the songs in LA. This system allows you to use different songs, all of which have different in-game effects. Some of these are, for example, used on NPCs, while others, like the Song of Escape, can be used for traversal purposes. When you play it, this particular song will allow you to immediately leave a dungeon. Very useful if you’ve done everything there is to do there. Of course, you need to get this song first. In this Song of Escape Lost Ark, How to Use Song of Escape guide, we will explain how you can acquire this song, and how you can use it.

Song of Escape Lost Ark, How to Use Song of Escape

How to Get Song of Escape in Lost Ark

You will get the Song of Escape during the “Legends and Fairytales” Main Quest. This will unlock this song. Just in time, too, as you will start going to islands and more and more dungeons, so the ability to quickly leave will definitely come in handy there.

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How to Use Song of Escape in Lost Ark

Using all the songs, including the Song of Escape, in Lost Ark is a very easy and simple process. You can either press “F2”, or select “Adventure” in your bottom right corner. This will bring up a drop menu from which you can select “Sheet Music”. In any case, here you will see all of the songs at your disposal, one of which is the Song of Escape. You can either equip it to your action slot for convenience, or press “Play” from the sheet music menu. Once you play it, you will teleport out from the dungeon or island you are currently in. You can use this song once every 60 seconds.

use the song of escape
Use the Song of Escape.
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