Lucius Cold as Hell Walkthrough

Introduction to Cold as Hell Lucius Chapter 1

Cold as Hell story starts on June 6th 1966 in the St. Benedict Memorial Hospital where Lucius was born.
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A few years later, on his 6th birthday, his real father – Lucifer appeared in front of him, and ordered him to kill every person in the house. In return Lucifer will gain supernatural powers.Lucius_2013_01_10_13_13_00_174 The first part – Cold as Hell starts with Hud Introduction. You have to press space to start the introduction.
  • Use your mouse to look around and move with [W,S,A,D]
  • Pick up the object by pressing the left mouse button [Mouse 1]
  • Holster / Unholster items by pressing the right mouse button [Mouse 2]
  • Close / Open doors by pointing at it and pressing the left mouse button [Mouse 1]
  • Press SPACE to skip the intro

Lock the freezer – Cold as Hell part 1

Pick up the padlock from the table by clicking the left mouse button (LMB). The padlock will show up in the left bottom corner of the monitor. Shut the freezer door (use LMB), and lock it with the padlock. It’s very important to have the padlock in your hand (Right Mouse Button RMB), in other case you will not be able to lock the freezer. Then lower the freezer temperature by using the panel on the left (LMB).

Hide the padlock – Cold as Hell part 2

In the kitchen, you left the lock on the freezer door. Hide the padlock where nobody can find it, before the adults wake up.

Your task starts by picking up the notebook from the table (LMB). Open inventory by pressing E. By clicking on the LMB you will open the notebook. By pressing the RMB you will close the notebook. Take the flashlight and batteries from the table (LMB). Open the inventory (E), choose the flashlight by using the mouse wheel and press RMB, then scroll to the batteries and press RMB to combine.Go to the kitchen. You can run much faster by pressing Left Shift. Open map by pressing [M] and follow the green line which takes you down the stairs to the dining room. Turn right and and go to the kitchen where you can hide the padlock in your pocket. The first special power that you will gain is Telekinesis.