Lucius Smoking Kills Walkthrough

Introduction to Lucius Smoking Kills Chapter 2

Smoking Kills story introduces Gene, Lucius’ father close friend, who will become Lucius’ next victim. Before you start a new journey, collect 5 cars in Lucius room, put them in the wooden chest, and get Chore – Clean my room.
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lucius smoking kills Press (M) and follow a green line which directs you to the Dining Room. Before you reach the Dining Room, you will come across the handyman Ivor, who is repairing the lamp. Stole the screwdriver next to Ivor, and go to the dining room.You will find Gene sitting in front of the TV. On the coffee table in front of him, you will find matches. You cannot take the matches while someone is able to see you, thus, go behind the chair, and take the matches from the coffee table.After taking the matches, the only way for Gene to light his cigarettes is with the oven. Since the oven has a gas leaking prevention system you need to break that system. Open your inventory (E), and choose screwdriver (Right Mouse Click), then point on the oven (Left Mouse Click).