Lucius Chores Walkthrough

Lucius Chores are unique or repeatable tasks assigned to Lucius by different people in the house. They can usually be completed at the beginning of each chapter.
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Once you complete the chore, the behavior bar fills up by a fixed amount. After reaching 100%, you will receive a gift in Lucius’ room. You can receive up to three gifts.

List of Lucius Chores

  1. Clean my room – Lucius Chore
    You can achieve this chore while you are in the Lucius’ room. Collect 5 cars from the floor and put them into the wooden chest with toys.
  2. Brush my teeth – Lucius Chore
    Go to the Bathroom marked as WC on the same floor as Lucius’ room . Take the toothbrush. Open your inventory (E) and select the toothbrush (Right Mouse Click). Point on the water faucet (Left Mouse Click) and complete Brush my teeth Lucius Chore.
  3. Take out the garbage – Lucius Chore
    This chore can be completed after the third chapter – Tone-Death, because the doors in the dining room which lead to the garden are locked before this chapter. You can find garbage in the kitchen under the sink. Once you take the garbage go to the garden, and use Telekinesis (press number 2) to put the garbage in the trash can.
  4. Move meat boxes – Lucius Chore
    During the fourth chapter Cutting Edge, Jed will ask you to carry meat boxes from the Cold Room to the freezer.


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