Luigi's Mansion 3 Get Key in Twisted Suites 11F Room with Golden Bunny

Spinning loops room with golden bunny is one of the rooms in Luigi’s Mansion 3. It is located on 11F, also known as Twisted Suites. It’s actually called Trainer’s Room, and you’ll find it in the north of the area. There’s a key in there, in a bird cage in the middle of the room. There’s also a bunch of contraptions around the room – hoops that turn when you blow on them, miniature obstacle courses and such. If you’re wondering what you need to do to get key in Twisted Suites spinning loops room with golden bunny in Luigi’s Mansion 3, this guide will help you.

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luigi's mansion get key in twisted suites 11f spinning loops room with golden bunny
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Get Key in Twisted Suites 11F Spinning Loops Room with Golden Bunny

How to get key in trainer’s room?

You might be tricked into thinking you have to do something with the loops, or the obstacle course, or any of the myriad of animals that live there. The answer is actually far simpler. You just need to approach the key and grab it. If you can’t reach it, use the vacuum to swing it by sucking and blowing, then grab it. Once you do, it’ll turn into a gold rabbit and try to escape.

luigi's mansion 3 how to get key in trainer's room

How to kill bunny to get key in spinning loops room?

Once the bunny is out of the cage, it’ll start running around the room. Whenever you approach it, it’ll move further away. You might get tempted to try to make it run the obstacle course, or do something with the hoops, but again, the solution is much more simple than that.

Grab him with your vacuum cleaner, then let Gooigi out and make him shine the darklight onto the rabbit. Shortly afterwards, the bunny will explode and leave behind the key. Turns out the decorations and props in the room are just that – decorations.

luigi's mansion 3 how to kill gold rabbit to get key in trainer's room
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