Luigi's Mansion 3 Seventh Floor Boss - How to Defeat Dr Potter

Dr. Potter, the Seventh Floor boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3, is one of a number of bosses you’ll have to beat in the game. You’ll meet the boss at the base of the large plant. He has a pretty simple pattern, but it’s not necessarily easy to figure out, or execute. I can see people potentially having trouble understanding how to beat the Luigi’s Mansion 3 Seventh Floor boss. So, in our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Seventh Floor Boss – How to Defeat Dr Potter guide, we’re gonna show you how to beat the gardener boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3, step by step.

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Luigis Mansion 3 Seventh Floor Boss How to Defeat Dr Potter
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Seventh Floor Boss – How to Defeat Dr Potter

How to Kill Seventh Floor Dr Potter Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

To kill the Seventh Floor Boss in Luigi’s Mansion, Dr. Potter, you’ll have to use the circular saw that his plant reveals in the introductory cutscene. It’ll be at the base of the large tree. In order to pick up the saw, simply suck it up with the Poltergust. Once you have the weapon you need, you’ll have to settle into a simple pattern. Here’s what you need to do, step by step. It may be simple, but that does not mean it’s easy.

how to defeat luigis mansion 3 seventh floor boss dr potter
Pick up the saw with the Poltergust

Your goal is to bait the plant to bite one of the several gourds that you can spot in the arena. You do so by basically running around to get enough distance and standing behind the gourd. The problem is that the gourds disappear periodically, so you’ll have to run from one to the other as they pop in and out. The gourds have a growth cycle, so you can predict when the next one is gonna appear. They’re ripe when they start to glow. If the plant captures you, quickly press ZL + ZR to wriggle free.

Once you manage to bait the plant into biting a gourd, run over to the stem and use the saw to cut it. Dr Potter is now vulnerable, so use the flashlight to stun him. Suck him in with the Poltergust, and slam him into the ground, like you do with all the other ghosts. Rinse and repeat until the Luigi’s Mansion 3 seventh floor boss is dead for good. Use the watering can to make the plant below the elevator button grow. Climb up it, and take the Eight Floor elevator button.

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