Luigi's Mansion 3 Glowing Button & Last Gem on F4 Great Stage

There’s a glowing button in the Great Stage level of Luigi’s Mansion 3. It appears after you defeat the boss, and a lot of players have no idea what to do with it. Some suspect it has something to do with the last gem on F4. The first time you run into it, you probably won’t be equipped to deal with this issue. This guide will going to show you what to do with glowing button on F4 Great Stage in Luigi’s Mansion 3, where to find the last gem.

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luigi's mansion 3 glowing button last gem f4 great stage
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Glowing Button & Last Gem on F4 Great Stage

What to do with glowing button on F4 Great Stage?

After you beat the pianist ghost boss on The Great Stage, you might notice something on the floor of the stage. If you stomp on the irregularity with burst (ZL+ZR), something will pop up from the floor. It looks like a glowing button on a sort of pedestal. If you’ve already explored the level, you might assume this is tied to the last gem on F4, but you won’t know what to do.

It turns out you just have to wait – the game will let you know once you can interact with it. If you don’t know what to do with the glowing button, that means you can’t do it yet. We’re going to explain the whole thing, but be warned, there will be spoilers.

The glowing button is actually an electrical socket. You can plug your vacuum cleaner into it, which gives it super suction – the power to tear down walls. But before you can use the socket, you’ll need to upgrade your Poltergust. This can be done after you’ve freed Toad and grabbed the turbine he was looking for in B2 when he went missing. After you free the mushroom man, E. Gadd will call you to the lab, so he can install the new upgrade.

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