Luigi's Mansion 3 Grand Hotel Lobby 1F Gem Locations

Grand Lobby gems are collectibles in Luigi’s Mansion 3. There are six of them, and they’re located in the hotel lobby 1F. Some of the diamonds are well hidden, while others are in plain sight but require special tools. If you’re stuck collecting the gems in the lobby, our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Grand Hotel Lobby 1F gem locations guide will show you where to find them and how to get them.

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luigi's mansion 3 grand hotel lobby 1f gem locations
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Grand Hotel Lobby 1F Gem Locations

Where to find white gem #1 in 1F Grand Lobby

You’ll find the first gem, which is the white one, to the left of the reception. Go to the window, and you’ll see a big empty space next to a sofa. Shine your darklight there, and it’ll reveal another sofa. Collect the blue orbs that will appear after the sofa becomes fully visible, and a ghost will spawn. Use your vacuum cleaner to capture it, and you’ll get the gem.

Where to find gem #2 red in hotel lobby

The second gem is the red one. You’ll find it to the right of the reception. There’s a painting on the wall between the reception and the elevator. Use the plunger extension on the cogwheel below it, fill the circle and press A to pull it. The wheel will start turning, and the painting will open up to reveal the diamond.

How to get blue gem in hotel lobby

The blue gem is the third one on the list. You can see it in a display case above the bookshelf to the left of the reception. To get it, you’ll need Gooigi’s help. Climb up the stairs and head left. Go all the way to the end and blow at the carpet to roll it up. Send Gooigi down through the grate, and kick the display case from behind to get it down. It’ll break, and you’ll be able to pick up the gem.

How to get green diamond #4 inside plant on 1F

The green gem, which is the fourth one, is stuck in a potted plant next to the elevator. You can’t miss it. But in order to get it, you’ll need the plunger. Simply shoot it at the plant, then fill the circle and press A to smash the pot against the ground. This will release the gem.

luigi's mansion how to get green diamond grand lobby

Where to find purple gem #5 in hotel lobby

The purple gem, which goes into the fifth slot, is hidden behind the counter at the reception. To get there, you’ll have to use the burst (ZL+ZR) to open up the flap. Once you’re behind the counter, head left. You’ll see a blinking light on the wall. Use the strobulb on it, and the secret compartment behind the shelves will open up, revealing the gem.

Where is yellow gem #6 in Grand Lobby

The last gem, the sixth one, is yellow. It is hiding out on top of the big chandelier in front of the reception desk. To lower it, Luigi and Gooigi will have to stand on the pressure plates to the left and right of it. This will lower the chandelier. The one on the left should start blowing on it, while the one on the right tries to suck it in. This will make it rotate, light up and drop the diamond.