Luigi's Mansion 3 All Basement B1 Gem Locations

Basement B1 Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 3 are collectibles that you can get if you look hard enough and have the correct tools. As is the case with all mansion floors in Luigi’s Mansion 3, there’s a total of six gems you can find in the Basement. Now, of course, the question is how to get and where to find all six basement gems in the game. If you’re having trouble finding the square gems / diamonds in the basement in Luigi’s Mansion 3, then our Luigi’s Mansion 3 All Basement B1 Gem Locations guide is the place for you.

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Luigis Mansion 3 All Basement B1 Gem Locations
Luigi’s Mansion 3 All Basement B1 Gem Locations

Where to Find #1 White Gem in Basement B1 Garage in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

To find the White Gem in Luigi’s Mansion 3 B1 Basement Garage, push through the game until professor E. Gadd unveiled his secret, to-go lab. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long, trust me. You might be able to get the gem earlier than that, but best you wait just in case. Anyway, when the professor erects his lab and you have a chat with him, head outside. Go to the right of the lab, and you’ll see a car covered with a tarp. Vacuum up the tarp to reveal a button that you can activate with your flashlight. Open the trunk using said button to reveal the Basement B1 white gem.

How to Get Inside Electric Cage to Get Red Gem in Garage?

The location of the Red Gem in the Garage in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 B1 Basement area is obvious – it’s in the far left of the garage, behind a chain link fence. When you first encounter it, you can’t reach it. Instead, go through the game until you unlock Gooigi. When you do, go back to the fence and summon Gooigi. Use him to get through chain link. Shine your flashlight on the button on the left wall, and that’ll activate the machine, which will spit out the Red Gem.

B1 Basement Blue Gem Luigi’s Mansion 3 Garage – How to Get?

To get the Blue Gem in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Basement B1 Garage, you’ll have to play through the game to get the Suction Shot. Once you do, go back to the garage and go all the way to the right. There’s a metal panel next to the pink car that you can open with the Suction Shot, so do just that. Go inside the hole, and go around to the right to the ladder. Climb up the ladder, and you’ll see the blue gem on your way up. On the upper platform, summon Gooigi and let him fall through the grate in the upper left corner. Then, simply guide him to the Blue Gem.

How to Get Green Square Diamond Gem Inside Washing Machine – Luigi’s Mansion 3 Basement?

To get the Green square diamond Gem inside the washing machine in the Luigi’s Mansion 3 basement, much like the Blue Gem, you’ll first have to get the Suction Shot on the fifth floor. Don’t worry, it’s part of a story mission, just play the game until you get the plunger. Then, head back to the washing machine and you the Suction Shot to open it. Again, shoot the plunger at the door using Y, then use the Poltergust to catch the cord. Hit A when you get the prompt, and the washing machine will fly open. All you have to do is pick up the Green Gem.

Where to Find Purple Gem #5 in Basement B1 in Luigi’s Mansion 3?

To find the #5 Purple Gem in the basement of Luigi’s Mansion 3, you’ll have to shine the Dark Light at a painting of a gem. You’ll find it when you and professor E. Gadd go down into the basement. As you proceed through the hallway to the left, keep your peepers peeled for the painting. When you find it, just shine the Dark Light upon it. Keep the beam focused on the painting until the Purple Gem comes out.

How to Get Luigi’s Mansion 3 Basement Yellow Gem?

To get the Yellow Gem in Luigi’s Mansion 3 B1 Basement, make sure to unlock Gooigi first, as described above. Once you do, climb the stairs next to the hole in the wall where the secret Coin Painting treasure room is. At the top, you’ll spot a grate, and Gooigi can fall through grates. So, summon Gooigi and let him drip down. Then, as is the case with the Red Gem, simply guide your green, gooey friend to the Yellow Gem to collect it.

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