Best Car Locations in Mafia 3

Mafia 3 features several dozen cars you can drive. You can either get them by stealing or buying them. Each model has unique traits that make driving it a singular experience. This means not all cars are fit for all purposes, so you’ll need to switch cars often, depending on the terrain and the task at hand. The best models are pretty rare, and knowing where to find them will save you a lot of time. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best car locations in Mafia 3.

mafia 3 best car locations

Mafia 3 Best Car

Stealing cars is one of the basic activities in the game. You’ll do it all the time. On the downside, it attracts unwanted attention. This means you’ll often wreck a car getting rid of the wanted status you got by stealing it in the first place. Messy business. If this is a problem for you, you might want to invest in Burke’s perk that allows for stealthy car-jackings.

Aside from going fast and having tight control over your vehicle, there are other reasons to look for the best car. Some of them are achievements like the following:
  • Testing the Shocks – While driving, performed a 50-meter jump and landed on your wheels
  • One Good Turn – Made a 180 degree turn at high speed without hitting anything
  • New Bordeaux Drifter – While driving, drifted for at least 5 seconds
You won’t be able to unlock these with your run-of-the-mill station wagon. You’ll need a proper muscle car, something with more power than you know how to use. Something like the Samson Drifter or Potomac GT. These are among the best cars in the game, along with sportscars like the De’Leo Capulet or the Samson Duke.

de'leo capulet mafia 3De’Leo CapuletFrisco FieldsVery fastGood
samson duke mafia 3Samson DukeFrisco FieldsVery fastGreat
potomac gt mafia 3Potomac GTBarclay MillsVery fastGreat
The best way to get these is by hanging out in Frisco Fields. That’s the expensive part of town, so that’s where the flashiest cars usually spawn. There’s also a quaint little shed in the Bayou where a single parked car spawns. If it’s not one of the ones you’d like, you can just kill yourself and another one will spawn.

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