Mafia 3 Weapons List

All Weapons in Mafia 3 are from the 1960s post-Vietnam era. As suspected, there is a wide variety of iconic assault rifles, submachine guns and shotguns.
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We’re going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to Lincoln’s arsenal. Keep in mind that you can carry only two weapons at the same time, a pistol and one primary weapon. This guide is going to show you a list of all weapons in Mafia 3, their looks and stats.

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Mafia 3 Guns & Explosives

If you want to change your loadout, you can call your weapons supplier using the weapons wheel. You can also buy ammo from him, or upgrade your current weapon. None of the guns use real-world names, but they look almost the same as their real-life counterparts.

Here is a full weapons list:
  • Shotguns – Barker 390, Lupara, Cornell 40, Elmwood 1925, Riot 550, Barker 1500 Tactical.
  • Handguns – Alfredsson M419, Masterson Semi-Auto, Alfredsson M200 revolver, Elling 9MM, Masterson Phoenix revolver, Blackburn FAF-33, Silenced Deacon .22, Silenced Masterson, Scoped Phoenix revolver, Clipper .44 .
  • Automatic Weapons – Trench 1938 (very similar to the Thompson submachine gun), Alfredsson M833 (representing the S&W M76), Czech ver. B-65, M1N8, Carter M33-A, Pasadena AR30 (as the AK-47), Binya , Automat SG, Silenced M1N8, Deutsche M11B (very similar to MP5), Stromer .223 (as the M16).
  • Rifles – Hartmann .30, Manitou Model 67, Mayweather .30, Mayweather M04A3, Viper 55, Hawk 4540 Night Vision.
  • Special Weapons – Hartmann 7.62MM heavy machine gun, Hartmann HLP Grenade Launcher, Hartmann AT-40 Rocket Launcher.
  • Explosives – Molotov Cocktail, Screaming Zemi (used as a distraction), Frag Grenade, C4 Charge.
You can also purchase Tac-Vest armor, adrenaline shots, vehicle upgrades, weapon upgrades and Lincoln upgrades from your weapon dealer. Lincoln upgrades include Adrenaline Storage, Stamina upgrade, Recovery upgrade and explosives storage. Depending on your gameplay style, you can always use the stealthy approach, and go for silent takedowns. If the situation requires it, you can also go guns blazing with a wide variety of weapons and explosives.

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