Mafia 3 Cars & Vehicles List

As suspected, Mafia 3 will have a wide variety of cars and even boats available in the game. Each one is very similar to the real-life counterpart, representing the 1960s era models such as Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Desoto, Pontiac and many others.
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They’ll mostly be disposable – you’ll steal them from other citizens and dump them when they’re no longer in a drivable condition. But some models you will want to keep, customize and cherish. Here’s all we know about Mafia 3 cars & vehicles.

mafia 3 cars vehicles
Sports cars
de'leo capulet mafia 3De’Leo CapuletFrisco FieldsVery fastGood
samson duke mafia 3Samson DukeFrisco FieldsVery fastGreat
Two-door cars
mafia 3 berkeley gypsyBerkeley GypsyDelray HollowSlowDecent
berkeley altamont mafia 3Berkeley AltamontDelray HollowAverageAverage
Muscle cars
potomac gt mafia 3Potomac GTBarclay MillsVery fastGreat
de'leo apollo mafia 3De’Leo ApolloBarclay MillsVery fastGreat
lassiter mamba mafia 3Lassiter MambaDelray HollowVery fastGood
Four-door cars
potomac crockett mafia 3Potomac CrockettDelray HollowSlowBelow average
potomac gallant mafia 3Potomac GallantBarclay MillsFastAverage
potomac indiana mafia 3Potomac IndianaBarclay MillsAverageBelow average
lassiter bishop mafia 3Lassiter BishopDelray HollowAverageAverage
Luxury cars
lassiter courant mafia 3Lassiter CourantDelray HollowVery fastAverage
Offroad vehicles
samson lokata mafia 3Samson LokataBarclay MillsSlowBelow average
eckhart pioneer mafia 3Eckhart PioneerBarclay MillsAverageBelow average
samson st 45 tank truck mafia 3Samson ST 45 Tank TruckBarclay MillsSlowBelow average
potomac 5500 mafia 3Potomac 5500Barclay MillsSlowAverage
bulworth buckliner 150 mafia 3Bulworth Buckliner 150Delray HollowSlowAverage
mafia 3 bulworth buckliner 75Bulworth Buckliner 75Barclay MillsSlowAverage
Special vehicles
mafia 3 forkliftWrinklerBarclay MillsIncrediby slowBelow average
bulworth hearse mafia 3Bulworth HearseDelray HollowFastAverage

Vehicle upgrades

Vehicle upgrades can be obtained as rewards for completing some missions for Casandra, Burke or Vito. These upgrades can be applied to the Associate Vehicle Delivery vehicles only, and you can choose them in the Arms Dealer van. In order to get access to this Associate you have to recruit Cassandra.

Suspension UpgradeFavor from Cassandra
Vehicle ArmorFavor from Cassandra
Drivetrain UpgradeFavor from Burke
Bulletproof TiresFavor from Burke
Bodykit UpgradeFavor from Vito
SuperchargerFavor from Vito

Shooting while driving available in Mafia 3

When you find yourself without a car in New Bordeaux, you can either steal one from an unfortunate passerby, or use a quick menu to order any car you own to be delivered to your location. A welcome addition in comparison to the previous games is that you will be able to shoot while driving now, making the game more realistic. You can even set C4 charges under your car, giving you even more creative ways to finish your missions.

Car customization in Mafia 3

Car customization will be available once the DLC is out. Before then, you will have multiple ways to change the performance of your car. Upgrading bodykits, drivetrain, suspension, installing bulletproof tires and armor will make your car perform better and go faster. Keep in mind – these are the late ’60s. Most cars won’t be able to go amazingly fast, at least not by today’s standards.

As for cosmetic parts, we will be able to change the vehicle’s paint job, license plates and use custom tires. Here’s a gallery of some of the cars we’ve seen in gameplay videos and trailers:

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