Mafia 3 New Bordeaux Map

New Bordeaux is where Mafia 3 takes place. It is based on 1968’s New Orleans, Louisiana.
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It is not a small map by any means. There are 10 districts in New Bordeaux. These districts are controlled by various Criminal Organisations. This is where they run their illegal activities. The main goal of the game itself is to take over the districts from their current owners and control the entire New Bordeaux Map.

mafia 3 new bordeaux map
From the southern swampy area, to the concrete jungle of central New Bordeaux, you should see a large difference between some of its districts. It is not only the surroundings – the people located in these districts also behave different and will react to your actions accordingly. Not to mention all kinds of different cars running in certain areas.

A day and night cycle enriches the feeling of being in a living city. As the night lights turn on and the rain starts pouring, you know it is time to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

  • Pointe Verdun: The habitat of the proud Irish people. It is therefor no wonder it is controlled by the Irish Mob. If you like whiskey and rage, this is the place for you. Step by Duffy’s Irish Pub and have a pint on us.
  • Frisco Fields: The territory controlled by the Southern Union racist gang and the Marcano crime family. Some of the stores you can find there are the Perfect Waffle restaurant, Briar Patch and more. If you want to get back to school, you can attend to the local university. A rather wealthy area.
  • French Ward: The central part of the city. With its shiny neon light signs and busy night life, it is the home of prostitution. This vivid red-light district houses brothels like Un Belle Jardin, the Big Mouth jazz club and more.
  • Downtown: The central part of the New Bordeaux Map. Tall concrete buildings, government areas. It is home to things like Buck’s Finest Quality Clothing, Coen’s State Theater, the General’s Circle monument. It is befitting that corruption and bribery are nurtured here.
  • Barclay Mills: The industrial area found in western New Bordeaux. Enzo Conte controls this area, where he runs a garbage collection business.
  • Tickfaw Harbor: Another industrial zone. There is a great industrial harbor right here, in the perfect place for vehicle theft and gasoline smuggling.
  • Delray Hollow: This is where Lincoln grew up and probably the place where we’ll start the game. Sometime in the past, it was controlled by the Black Mob, but now it is under the Dixie Mafia. Some of the landmarks there are the Marais Airport and Baron Saturday’s Fun Park. It is considered a poor district.
  • Southdowns: Positioned in eastern New Bordeaux, it is controlled by Tommy Marcano. There’s a great park here, with a large cinema next to it. If you like cage fighting this is the place for you.
  • River Row:A semi industrial district run by Vito Scaletta. The harbor here is the best place to smuggle things like marijuana and guns. The people there have an affection for knife fighting. If you are looking for new job opportunities, maybe you should apply at Ragolet’s Canning Company, positioned in River Row.
  • Bayou Fantom: The southernmost part of the city and the largest district. It’s a beautiful swamp area where you can feed dead bodies to crocodiles. It is a home to a great Eaglehurst Plantation, a big haunted mansion and lots of abandoned houses, underground fighting clubs and more.
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