Mafia 3 Controls List

Mafia 3 is out, and it allows you to be the vengeful murderer you always wanted to be. It lets you to drive across a big city and kill everyone who gets in your way using a wide variety of weapons.
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If you think the control scheme is overwhelming, or simply don’t know how to perform an action, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’re going to show you the Mafia 3 Controls list, and how to change keybindings in the PC version.

Mafia 3 Gamepad & Keyboard Commands

Here are the default commands. You can change presets in the console version, while the PC version allows you to change each command separately.

CommandPS4Xbox One
On foot controls
MoveLeft stickLeft stick
SprintPress left stickPress left stick
Move cameraRight stickRight stick
SneakPress right stickPress right stick
Enter/exit coverXA
InteractHold SquareHold X
Shoot weaponR2RT
Aim/plant explosiveR1RB
Open/close mapOptionsStart
Intel viewTouchpadXbox logo
Switch weaponL1LB
Open/close weapon wheelHold L1Hold LB
Holster weaponDpad upDpad up
Use adrenaline shotHold Dpad upHold Dpad up
WhistleHold Dpad leftHold Dpad left
Pickup/drop bodyHold Dpad downHold Dpad down
Vehicle controls
SteerLeft stickLeft stick
HornPress left stickPress left stick
Move cameraRight stickRight stick
Look backPress right stickPress right stick
Jump outSquareX
Enter/exit carHold SquareHold X
Vehicle targeting on/offHold TriangleHold Y
Switch weaponsL1LB
Open/close weapon wheelHold L1Hold LB
Change cameraDpad leftDpad left
Change radio stationDpad rightDpad right
Turn radio on/offHold Dpad rightHold Dpad right
Holster weaponDpad upDpad up
Use adrenaline shotHold Dpad upHold Dpad up
mafia 3 controls list

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  1. A

    i cant remember or find out how to toggle between lethal melee kills with the knife & non-lethal, anyone?

    1. A
      Alexander Sørensen

      Its in the Game Options in settings

  2. A

    Options under game.

  3. A

    Where are the pc controls

  4. G

    Now that i switched my Mouse left to fire button by accident i cant shot at all even though i changed it back, can someone help???

    1. T

      I have same problem

      1. N

        help fast, did the same!!!

  5. Q

    Hi, I am holding X for interaction but it doesn’t work. I tried other keys for interaction but nothing works. Please help

  6. T

    What buttons do i use to call the arms dealer

  7. J

    Car won’t start in first mission plus all the right trigger does is zoom in and out even inside vehicle

  8. A
    Abu affuan

    What button for sit down

  9. B
    Ben Davies

    What button/s do you use to throw Proximity Mines
    Thank you

  10. C
    Claude Eckel

    Keyboard commands, eh? lul Where?

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