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Mafia 3 Underbosses are your loyal lieutenants who can run daily operations in captured districts instead of you. Once you conquer an area, you’ll get to choose which underboss will get to manage it – Cassandra, Vito or Burke.
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As you give them more territory, you’ll unlock special perks. This can include weapon upgrades, new vehicles, or the services of their associates. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Mafia 3 Underboss perks & upgrades, what they do and how to unlock them.

mafia 3 underboss perks upgrades

Cassandra’s Perks

Cassandra is the leader of the Haitian gang. Her associates include Jackie DuVernay, the arms dealer in the red van, Jennifer Moran, a switchboard operator and Cliffton Jean-Baptiste, a gunsmith. Here are the perks and upgrades you’ll get if you put your trust in her:

Mobile arms dealer (allows you to buy weapons on the go)
Screaming Zemi (Distraction)
Improved accuracy gun upgrade
Shut down all phones in an area for 5 minutes
Increased ammo capacity gun upgrade
Screaming Zemi (Smoke Bomb)
Improved stability weapon upgrade
Shut down all phones in an area for 10 minutes
Screaming Zemi (Exploding)
Quick reload weapon upgrade
Shut down phones and call for backup

Vito’s Perks

Vito is the protagonist of the previous Mafia game. Among his associates are Bobby Navarro, hired muscle, Betty Johnson, who acts as a scout and courier, as well as Gianni Bruno, the family doctor. Here’s what you get by being in Vito’s favor:

$0The ability to have a courier deposit money instead of you.
$30,000Call in armed backup to your location.
$60,000Maximum health upgrade
$100,000Adrenaline shot storage upgrade
$140,000Show enemy locations, collect racket money
$180,000Health regeneration speed upgrade
$220,000Call in heavily-armed backup
$270,000Maximum health upgrade
$320,000Adrenaline shots now heal you to full health
$370,000Call an elite four-man kill team.
$420,000Maximum health upgrade

Burke’s Perks

Burke is at the helm of the Irish mob in New Bordeaux. If you make him happy, you’ll get the help of his associates: Hank McGahee, a car thief, Terry Daly, a bomb expert and Fiona Davidson, a police department insider.

$0Call in a car from your collection
$30,000Make cops ignore your crimes for 30 seconds
$60,000Mark nearby police on radar
$100,000The arms dealer now sells explosives
$140,000Cops ignore your crimes for 2 minutes
$180,000Allows you to steal cars undetected
$220,000All cops ignore your crimes for 2 minutes
$280,000Increases explosive inventory
$320,000All cops ignore your crimes for 5 minutes
$370,000Steal occupied cars without making a fuss
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