Mafia 3 Family Kick-Back Trailer Released

2K Games have released another trailer for Mafia 3, this time in order to show off the preorder bonus. It’s a weapon and vehicle pack called Family Kick-Back, and contains three of each.
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The video shows them in action.

It’s not much of an incentive, honestly. In games like these, most players change cars like they change their socks. The same goes for weapons. To each his own though. If the contents of this pack interest you, here’s exactly what you’ll get:
  • Lassiter Leopard – the orange muscle car
  • Smith Moray MX 100 – the elongated, Bond-looking one
  • Berkeley Stallion – another muscle car
  • Gator Shotgun – a shotgun with aligator skin on the stock and grip
  • Camo Sniper – a rifle with a scope, wrapped in camouflage tarp
  • Trench 1938 Submachine Gun – a standard Tommy gun
It’s not much, but if you were already planning a pre-purchase, it’s a nice extra. The game is going to be set in a New Bordeaux, a fictional version of New Orleans in the late 1960’s. You’ll get to play a betrayed man out for revenge, going after the Itallian mob. Your goal will be to ruin them and take over the city.

Mafia 3 is scheduled for release on October 7th, on Playstation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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