How to Get Car Back in Mafia 3

Getting a car back in Mafia 3 can be tricky. Not all cars can be retrieved, and those that can require you to make use of your associates.
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The system is quite different from what we’re used to seeing in other games of this kind. This guide will show you how to get a car back in Mafia 3, how to retrieve Lincoln’s starting black car.

How to store cars in Mafia 3

Sadly, you can’t. There’s no garage in the game, so there’s nowhere to store vehicles. You have two ways of obtaining vehicles:
  • Theft – Stealing cars from the street.
  • Delivery – Using your radio to order a car.
When you leave a car on the street, it will disappear. If it was stolen – tough luck. You’ll have to steal another one if you want the exact same model. If it was a car from your fleet, you’ll be able to use the delivery option to get it back. The exception is when you’re visiting your subordinates – they’ll sometimes park your car in a proper parking spot if you leave it in the middle of the road.

Call up the delivery guy (Burke’s associate) and order one of the cars from the list. He’ll drop it off at your location in a couple of seconds. Your fleet is, basically, like a garage you can’t physically enter.

The only way to add cars to it is by completing side missions, progressing the story and leveling up your relationships with the underbosses.

How to get back Lincoln’s black car

The black muscle car Lincoln uses at the beginning of the game is pretty cool – no one could fault you for wanting it back. Just be patient, it will soon become available. What you need to do is:
  • Unlock Burke’s vehicle delivery associate
  • Help Vito the first chance you get (this might or might not be necessary)
As soon as you can call in for vehicle delivery, do so. Lincoln’s car will be the second one in the top row.

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