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Are We Cool is a side mission in Mafia 3. You can start it by talking to Emmanuel Lazare, Cassandra’s associate. He’s going to ask you to deliver some weed to a location, in order to help the cause. The mission can get bugged, not show a map marker, or act like you still have to finish a step you’ve already done. It can be quite frustrating, getting stuck with seemingly no reason. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to finish Are We Cool mission in Mafia 3, how to avoid the bugs.

Are We Cool Marker Bug

After you’ve talked to Emmanuel, he’ll send you on your first errand. Just make sure you exit the car when you arrive at your destination, otherwise the quest might not progress. When you’re done, the racket you’ve taken the weed to will expand, increasing its earnings. You might not be able to start the next step right away. Players have reported several problems:
  • Missing map marker: Some don’t get a map marker at all
  • Map marker showing wrong place: Others are being sent back to the same place where the first part took place, but there’s nothing there.
This isn’t acutally a bug, only a poorly explained feature. In order to start the next step of this quest, you need a racket that isn’t fully developed, controlled by Cassandra. Rackets have an upper limit on earnings – you need to have at least one whose revenue is below that limit, and is under Cassandra’s reign.

When you do, this side mission will send you on a delivery run to that racket. If you have more than one, the game might change the target racket when you die.

mafia 3 are we cool side mission

So that’s the problem. There’s nothing technically wrong with the game. You just aren’t eligible for the quest, but the game does a poor job of telling you so.

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  1. B

    YES THE MISSION IS BUGGED! I never had the problems above, But there is a bug after I finish the first weed run, The mission says to return to Emanuel. And when I return there is no option to talk to him or finish the mission! So yes this mission is bugged!

    1. T

      thats what happened to me , found a way to fix it yet?

  2. C

    Is there a limit on these missions? If so, how many are there? I think I’m on my fourth one, and will keep going until there’s no more. Unless it just keeps going and going….

  3. G

    What if the weed deliveries are invisible? Im only able to pick up the last one in the bayou and not the other two there.

  4. D
    Dixie Cowsert

    my boyfriend cant seem to be able to do weed runs? and missions wear you steal boats or semis, when he gets to location vehicle is not there…

    1. He probably has all Cassandra’s rackets on maximum.

  5. A

    On the first run, my boat got stuck on a piece of land that was just before the objective. My character just suddenly stopped driving it and can’t start driving again. About half of the boat is still submerged in water too. Tried moving it into water with a grenade, and now whenever I go near it I get fire damage (and the boat is not even on fire).

    I didn’t talk to Emmanuel or anything but the marker for the second run appeared, haven’t tried it to see if it worked yet.

    1. It should work, if you don’t have Cassandra’s rackets on max.

  6. D

    I have given every district out and am able to do every single side mission for each racket except the weed delivery, it goes as far as when I select the objectives from the menu it disables the ui and stops displaying info for other objectives, when I am finally able to get it to set as an objective I show up and either complete the mission only for it to not register I have in my objectives menu OR there will be no people or boat what so ever, or even a marker i the wrong place, whether you’ve maxed out your rackets or NOT this mission is BUGGED TO HELL.

  7. C

    So I’m doing the first drop site and can’t pick up delivery. How do I accomplish this? I’ve driven over, around, gotten out of boat, etc.

    1. A

      Go near the floating crate in the water with the boat…when the boat is next to the floating crate hold the direction pad down. Screen goes blk for a sec and you get the crate

  8. K

    guys i just solved it …… go to map and on the bottom of the screen there is ” objectives ” go in and choose the mission that you want…. its not a bug.

    god that killed me for 20 min to find…..

    1. R


      KAYVAN_1 – 2K_0

    2. N


    3. R

      yup that def was the fix, thank you for the suggestion/

  9. Z

    If anyone knows how to fix this please help. I’m on the last are we cool mission to max out and get the final upgrades it let’s me get the boat, pick up the drops, but once I get the truck to the location it won’t finish the mission

  10. M

    I did the 6 prior missions and when I try the last one that says Return to Emmanuel he’s just leaning against the wall and it won’t let me talk to him. How do you fix this?

  11. R
    Rocket Pak

    It’s bugged. I have two rackets for Cassandra that aren’t maxed out and I’m not seeing these quests anymore and suck I cannot max out her rackets.

  12. S

    The first crate is invisible or under water wont let me get it at all.

  13. F
    Fk mafia

    Just killed the game… cannot deliver the truck full of weed, am in the delivery circle getting in and out the truck….. Don’t be telling me this is not broken.. two of us trying n both know the game. My opinion they shouldn’t be selling any more copies of the game, disc of download. ?

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