How to Make Money in Mafia 3

You’ll need a lot of money if you want to enjoy your time as Lincoln Clay in Mafia 3. Being a crime lord isn’t cheap, you know.
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Ammo costs money, weapons too. Cars need to be upgraded. Hilltop mansions have to be bought. It ain’t easy. Thankfully, there are ways to earn cash quickly in Mafia 3, avenues that are closed to ordinary citizens. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to make money in Mafia 3 fast.

how to make money in mafia 3

How to earn cash in Mafia 3

Here are our tips. Some might be obvious, while others are lesser known facts.

  • Play through the story – Finishing each story mission will reward you with a certain amount of money.
  • Conquer districts – Taking over city districts from rival gangs will give you steady revenue as long as you keep holding them.
  • Collect revenue – Make sure you collect the revenue your businesses make.
  • Take over rackets – If a shop is paying protection money to another city gang, you can convert them, make them see things your way. You’ll be earning money while weakening your enemies.
  • Rob stores – Emptying cash registers is usually reserved for small-time criminals, but you’ve got to start somewhere.
  • Sell cars – We still don’t know if there’ll be a junkyard or chop shop that would take hot cars and sell them at consumer friendly advice. Previous games had them, so we expect this one to have them as well.
  • Join the fight club – You can enter the fighting ring and earn money with your knuckles. Just don’t talk about it. That’s rule number one.
  • Participate in street races – This activity will be added as free DLC after the game launches.
Just make sure you deposit money regularly, or you might lose it all after an accident. You can even develop a perk that lets you order a courier to deposit it for you. Anything is better than carrying it around in your pocket.

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