A Trip to the Country - Destroy Turret - Mafia Definitive Edition

A Trip to The Country is a mission in Mafia Definitive Edition. In it, you’ll have to accompany Paulie on a smuggling run in the countryside, where things go horribly wrong. At one point, you’re going to end up in a high speed chase with an armored vehicle with a mounted turret. It’s a pretty difficult encounter, and lots of people are having trouble with it. This guide will help you complete Mafia Definitive Edition A Trip To The Country mission, by showing you how to destroy the turret in the car chase.

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trip to the country mafia definitive edition
A Trip to the Country – Mafia Definitive Edition

How to destroy turret in car chase?

After you’ve dealt with the mess at the farmstead, you’ll pack into a truck and start driving, just as you see an armored vehicle approach. The car chase that ensues is just a regular turret section – your buddy drives while you shoot at the endless stream of pursuers. However, at one point the armored truck catches up with you and starts tearing you to shred with its turret.

First of all, you should try to get to that point with as much truck health as you can. This means dealing with the police cars in a swift and efficient manner. Ignore the passengers – just shoot the driver and the car will stop. Shoot in short bursts to avoid letting the recoil get out of hand, and minimize reloading – it takes too long.

After the turret truck reaches you, you should keep your head down and wait for it to reload. Once it stops shooting, pop out and direct all your fire at the turret itself. If you expose yourself during the fire, the truck and the player lose way too much health. It’ll blow up after a while – how long depends on the difficulty settings – and then you’ll just have to destroy the armor plates on the windshield in order to trigger the cutscene and complete the chase.