A Trip to the Country - Destroy Turret - Mafia Definitive Edition

A Trip to The Country is a mission in Mafia Definitive Edition. In it, you’ll have to accompany Paulie on a smuggling run in the countryside, where things go horribly wrong. At one point, you’re going to end up in a high speed chase with an armored vehicle with a mounted turret. It’s a pretty difficult encounter, and lots of people are having trouble with it. This guide will help you complete Mafia Definitive Edition A Trip To The Country mission, by showing you how to destroy the turret in the car chase.

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trip to the country mafia definitive edition
A Trip to the Country – Mafia Definitive Edition

How to destroy turret in car chase?

After you’ve dealt with the mess at the farmstead, you’ll pack into a truck and start driving, just as you see an armored vehicle approach. The car chase that ensues is just a regular turret section – your buddy drives while you shoot at the endless stream of pursuers. However, at one point the armored truck catches up with you and starts tearing you to shred with its turret.

First of all, you should try to get to that point with as much truck health as you can. This means dealing with the police cars in a swift and efficient manner. Ignore the passengers – just shoot the driver and the car will stop. Shoot in short bursts to avoid letting the recoil get out of hand, and minimize reloading – it takes too long.

After the turret truck reaches you, you should keep your head down and wait for it to reload. Once it stops shooting, pop out and direct all your fire at the turret itself. If you expose yourself during the fire, the truck and the player lose way too much health. It’ll blow up after a while – how long depends on the difficulty settings – and then you’ll just have to destroy the armor plates on the windshield in order to trigger the cutscene and complete the chase.



  1. E

    I had a hard time with it while playing on Hard. Finally I decided to have a little more patience, during the first two turret reload I used only one clip. After the 3rd reload I just shot at the turret non-stop until the cutscene.

    1. B
      Bruce Pierce

      This thing is impossible, I’ve quit playing the game on xbox1 because of it, can’t aim well enough to disable the truck even on easy mode. Even more annoying because they wouldn’t have even had a turret truck like that during prohibition.

  2. P

    Was this mission designed by an Arca patient or a literal baboon?

  3. B
    Belan Angelo

    I tried like 40 times now. Replayed the whole chapter too. And it’s impossible to pass. The developers went seriously crazy here. It’s absolutely unnecessary and it’s just ruining the over all experience…. Any tips on how yo pass it on pc?

    1. M

      Same mate, can’t seem to pass the mission on PC. Could someone please give out some tips or at least share how they got through?

      1. Q

        Constantly try it with shooting on the truck. Maybe you will need like 50 times like me

        this quest is really a challenge. don’t take it too hard

    2. M
      Marek Hajdovsky

      The game is broken here,you wont be able to finish it even of easy difficulty as it doesnt matter on PC on some systems..

  4. M
    Max Boardley

    literally cannot pass the mission, the turret is solid af, tried changing the difficulty to easy and still is solid. any help pls.

  5. A


    1. J

      Yes. Thank you. There should def be a skip option

  6. T

    I cant even make it to the 3rd reload even with a full truck health…this needs to be patched

  7. J
    Jandirk Faber

    Totally unplayable.

    Tried 60 times now. I give up.

  8. K
    Karel Barel

    Tip for this mission is to turn on auto aim, lower mouse sensitivity and just stand up and shoot, cover only if you need reload. With this approach you can beat this mission after few tries even on classic difficulty.

  9. V
    Vlad Dragu

    If you have a controller around, turn on auto aim and use that, it’s just like cheating. I tried using the mouse at least 15 times without success, then on a whim I pick an Xbox controller I had near me, turn it on and I easily destroy the turret on my first attempt, couldn’t believe it.
    Wouldn’t play the whole game using the controller because it’s a shooter but for this segment it’s almost mandatory. The devs obviously hated PC players here.

    1. T

      I totally agree with Vlad Dragu! because using the mouse is insanely difficult as while I got lucky and beat it on my initial playthrough, on a replay moments ago, it seems near impossible and pretty much blind luck as I can’t seem to finish it this time. but using the XBox360 controller, turn aiming assist to ‘high’, I got it without much effort as it’s like once you get the crosshairs near the thing it sort of locks-on and then you just blast away and you can take it out MUCH easier and then after that’s done disable the auto-aim and go back to using the mouse and keyboard for the general shooting. because the key thing is you got to do a lot of damage to it in a short time frame as if you don’t, it seems your basically dead.

      but I suspect that those using a mouse to aim on the turret mission that if your frame rate is not rather high, which mine is not at 1080p with pretty much close to max graphics, that makes it quite a bit harder to finish which this is generally not a problem but on this mission it surely is. so those without a XBox360 controller could possibly opt for lowering resolution/graphics settings temporarily in a attempt to get a much higher frame rate which should make aiming with mouse crosshairs more accurate and increase your chances of beating the turret as it seems the key is landing a lot of shots in the right area on the turret in a shot period of time. then afterwards just turn graphics back up to where you like them.

      1. A

        Oh my God I tride it with the controller once and it worked and I didn’t have to reload

  10. A
    Alan Hope

    Tried it enough times on PC to know that nothing works, uninstalled the game. If they ever fix this I might give it another try.

  11. E
    Edgar Camelo

    I tried it so many times and I switched it from hard to easy also. The developers made a big mess here!!!!

  12. L
    Luis S

    Easy difficulty,
    Sensitivity on 0.1
    And aim assist on high
    Finaly made it but i was about to quit

  13. B
    Benjamin Davidson

    I had a lot of difficulty with this, but was able to get past it on PC using a mouse — I figured out if you pop up just as the last few rounds from the turret are firing, before they reload, you have enough time to get a lot of rounds in. Turret blew after their third reload. Hope this helps someone!

  14. G

    Sensitivity – 3.9
    Aim assist – high
    Got the truck finally!

    1. J
      Jose castaneda

      Bro thanks for this tip! Needed this shit

  15. V

    I used a joystic it gives better aim and can lock with tha gun n destroyed it

  16. R
    Reza from iran

    Finally after more than 50 time try and try ,i know what’s the problem of this mission
    It’s wrong with gpu ,set your display settings on low and resolution on lowes then try again its be so easy 😉
    After that u can change it ??

    1. T

      Dude THANK YOU
      I tried a 100 times and couldn’t get past
      Then I tried this and got it on my first try

    2. B

      You sir are a f*****g god. I did what you said and beat it first try after like fifty attempts. THANK YOU SOOO GODDAMN MUCH!!!! I was about to never play this game again. BEST ADVICE RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!

  17. M

    Ok. I’m using a laptop and a mouse and I swear to God I was about to end it all lmao. But I finally got it after like 2 hours and here’s how:
    – I lowered all my display settings
    – aim assist on high
    – difficulty on classic

    I then tried to only aim the turret. I shot while they were reloading and reloaded my tommy while their where shooting. I still needed like 100 tries. But I got it.

  18. M

    Ved ikke hvad udvikleren har tænkt på med dette scenarie. Det er dumt at ødelægge helheden i spillet med den sværhedsgrad i netop denne scene. Kommer jeg ikke videre har jeg købt udviklerens andre spil for sidste gang og jeg er åbenbart ikke alene om problemet. Det er sgu en ommer

  19. P

    Ridiculously hard. I’ve tried auto aim on high and it doesn’t help. Is this even possible on any difficulty setting other than easy?

  20. N

    Aim at the top of the truck where the turret is and then shoot it. Easier comparatively

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