Marvel's Avengers Deluxe Preorder Items Showcase & How to Equip

Deluxe and preorder items in Marvel’s Avengers are several outfit packs and nameplate packs that you can unlock and equip in the game. The preorder and deluxe Marvel’s Avengers items include the Obsidian Outfit pack, the Marvel Legacy outfit pack, and the corresponding nameplates. Now, some of you might be wondering how to unlock and equip all your bonus items that you’ve paid good money for, and what they’ll look like. Well, that’s exactly what we’ll be showing you in our Marvel’s Avengers Deluxe Preorder Items Showcase & How to Equip guide.

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marvels avengers deluxe preorder items showcase & how to equip
Marvel’s Avengers Deluxe Preorder Items Showcase & How to Equip

Where to Find Deluxe Preorder Items – How to Equip

To equip your preorder and deluxe items in Marvel’s Avengers, all you have to do is go into the menu and scroll over to the Cosmetics tab. Use R1 and L1 on PS4 and whatever the equivalent is on your platform. It has several subcategories that you can flick through with R2 and L2, namely, Outfits, Emotes, Takedowns, and Nameplates. You can switch between different costumes and other stuff as you will. Plus, you have access to all of these items pretty much from the get-go, which is neat.

marvels avengers deluxe preorder cosmetics how to equip
Find your deluxe & preorder items under Cosmetics

Well, that’s not entirely true. All the preorder and deluxe items in Marvel’s Avengers do unlock immediately after you boot the game up. You don’t have to do absolutely anything to redeem them. However, in single player, you do first have to go through the intro section before you can gain access to them. Yeah, you might have assumed that the game will make you put in a little work for the stuff, but nope, it’s right there for your convenience.

Marvel’s Avengers Preorder Bonuses Not Showing Up – Legacy Outfits

If your preorder bonuses, like the Legacy skins, aren’t showing up in Marvel’s Avengers for you, there are some things that you can do. Basically, you can either restart the game, or go into the Avengers Initiative. Just beware spoilers. There’s no real guarantee that either of these things are going to work, unfortunately, but people have been reporting that they sometimes do. The same system should work regardless if you got a physical or digital version, or the Deluxe or Standard Edition. For more detailed info, head over to our Marvel’s Avengers Preorder Bonuses Legacy Skins Not Showing Up guide.

Marvel’s Avengers Preorder Deluxe Items Showcase

We’re going to start the showcase with the most universal of these items, the preorder nameplate. It’s the same for all heroes, so there’s no dilemma there. Here’s what it looks like.

preorder nameplate marvels avengers
Preorder nameplate

Then, there’s the “Talk to the Hand” emote that’s exclusive for Ms Marvel. Also, it’s exclusive to the PlayStation digital edition, because reasons. We can’t really do it justice via a screenshot, but you’ll get the idea.

talk to the hand emote marvels avengers
Talk to the Hand emote

Now, for the really good stuff, aka the preorder and deluxe costumes. Below, you’ll see screenshots of Ms Marvel in her Greater Good legacy outfit and Obsidian outfit, along with the Obsidian nameplate. We figured we’d put her first, since shes’ the first character we get to play as.

Next up, we have Hulk. His preorder outfit is basically the results of Bruce Banner turning into the angry green colossus before he had the appropriate clothes. And the Obsidian version is a more clean-cut version of him with silver pants.

Onward to Iron Man. The Obsidian outfit is nothing much to speak of, just his usual suit in different colors. His Legacy costume, however, is more fun. It’s based on the very first armor that he cobbled together while held hostage in that cave.

Now for Captain America. His Legacy outfit is based on the costume he wore way back in World War 2, with a jacket even I wouldn’t mind owning. And, as for the Obsidian outfit, well, same thing as with the rest of them.

Next on the docket is Black Widow. As you would assume, her Legacy suit is a skin-tight, black, shiny catsuit, with her red logo on her belt buckle. You can see what it all looks like below.

Last, but not least, we’ve got Thor. His Legacy outfit is his classic costume, winged helmet and all. It falls right off the thin line between silly and cool right into the ridiculous. The Obsidian suit does look more dignified and bulkier.

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