Scarlet Nexus Reveals OSF Members' Powers in New Trailer

Scarlet Nexus is the definition of an anime-styled video game. It’s not just the visuals, although those help too. It’s the fact that your enemies are literally called Others and the organization you belong to is called Others Suppression Force. That, plus the fact that everyone looks like a teenager. There’s a new trailer which aims to show you what it’s all about.

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scarlet nexus trailer

Your name is Yuito Sumeragi and you are 12 years old. You will struggle with pubes and body odor, but also mysterious creatures that fall from the sky and feed on human brains. You have a sharp sword and “outstanding psychokinetic abilities”, which is enough to make you a part of the Alien Police in this “90’s neopunk” city.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll have team members who can lend you their powers through the (I kid you not) Struggle Arms System, a thingamajig that bonds your brains together. One of them is Fireworks, your childhood friend. She’s cheerful, energetic and pyrokinetic. Which means you can be cheerful too, thanks to the power of Brainmerger 3000X. Maybe you can get those two other powers as well, but being cheerful in this day and age sounds like a much more useful power than being able to set things ablaze with your mind.

Joking aside, the trailer shows off some pretty cool monster designs – this is no Pokemon – as well as other powers you’ll be able to use, like cloning. It also shows the Spacepolicemen fighting some decidedly human opponents, so I guess there’s going to be a twist or two thrown in there for good measure.

We have no idea when the game’s coming out, so this is all we get for now. What we do know is that it’s going to be released on PC and every imaginable kind of Xbox and Playstation.

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