Avengers DNA Key Locations and Farming

DNA keys are used to open DNA chests in Marvel’s Avengers. These chests are one of the many kinds of loot containers you’ll encounter in the game. They can drop some of the best gear, but they’re quite rare. The keys are equally rare, which makes them quite valuable. If you’re wondering how to open DNA chest or how to get DNA keys, this guide will show a bunch of Avengers DNA key locations.

marvel's avengers dna chest key location how to unlock
Marvel’s Avengers DNA Chest Key Locations – How To Unlock

How to unlock DNA chest in Marvel’s Avengers?

Unlocking the DNA chests is simple, in theory – for every locked chest, there’s a key. In this case, it’s the DNA key. Once you find the metallic blue chest and approach it, a message will pop-up, saying it requires a DNA key to unlock. So how do you get those?

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Where to find Marvel’s Avengers DNA keys?

The description says they’re acquired by defeating humanoid bosses. Villain sectors are the best source of them – Alternate Visions, Old Foes, Waking the Dead and History Repeats all rewarded us with a DNA key each upon completion. You can also find them in chain missions with the blue and yellow icon at the top. You can also get them from faction vendors on the ship sometimes.

They are sometimes listed as an end-of-mission reward, so keep your eyes on those icons before starting any missions. You’re basically going to be repeating a lot of the same missions in order to get them – it’s going to be a bit of a grind, if we’re being honest. The fact that the rewards are random and can be underwhelming sometimes doesn’t help the case, but there’s really no way around it. You’ll just have to grit your teeth and keep on working towards that maximum power level.

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