Marvel's Avengers Leveling Guide - How to Get EXP & Gear Fast

As you make your way through the missions in Marvel’s Avengers, your heroes will slowly level up. They gain experience and better gear, slowly unlocking new skills and becoming more powerful. A lot of players are bothered by the “slowly” part – they’d like to level up fast, become as powerful as they can as quickly as possible. As usual, there are shortcuts you could take, lucrative spots to grind and so on. This guide will tell you about them, so you can level up fast in Marvel’s Avengers.

marvel's avengers leveling up
Leveling Up in Marvel’s Avengers

How to level up fast in Marvel’s Avengers?

The best way to gain XP is by completing HARM rooms. You’ll get loads of enemies there, and they’re slightly different for each character, so repeating them won’t be a total chore. Drop Zone missions are also a great choice, since they can be completed relatively quickly. Hero Missions and War Zones yield decent results, but take more time. You could also try focusing one on chain at a time – end-of-chain rewards are very useful.

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If you’re looking for a quick gear farming method, you can try clearing the Snowy Tundra Vault mission, without completing the main objective itself. There’s a bunch of gear to be found there, and if you collect it then go back to the war room without completing the vault itself, you’ll be able to repeat it without having to get another vault key.

To get the vault key in the first place, you’ll need to play through the Stark Realities mision. The vault key can be found there, in a hidden Shield cache. It’s after the dried-up river, on a clearing with a single pine tree in the middle of it. There’s a switch next to the tree – press it, and you’ll be allowed into the cache.

Of course, you can also complete the Snowy Tundra vault mission and get some great rewards from that, but it takes more time, and you’ll have to look for the key in the Stark Realities mission again if you want another go at it.

Marvel’s Avengers game max level

Each one of your avengers can go up to level 50 by gathering experience. Once you’ve hit 50, your attention will turn to power levels, which are determined by the gear you’re wearing. These can go up to 150.

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