Avengers Grab & Go - Defeat Grabbed Enemies - Kamala Daily Challenge

Grab and Go Daily Challenge is one of the tasks you can complete in Marvel’s Avengers, but only with Kamala Kahn, aka Ms Marvel, and it requires you to defeat a certain number of grabbed enemies. Completing the Grab and go Kamala Challenge is not a huge problem, but there is a catch; namely, you have to have the correct skill unlocked. This can make doing the daily kinda tricky and cause some confusion. That being the case, in our Marvel’s Avengers Grab & Go – Defeat Grabbed Enemies Guide guide, we’re going to show you exactly which skill you need to have in order to complete the mission.

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avengers grab & go defeat grabbed enemies kamala daily challenge
Avengers Grab & Go – Defeat Grabbed Enemies – Kamala Daily Challenge

How to Complete Grab & Go Marvel’s Avengers Kamala Daily Challenge – How to Grab Enemies

To complete the Grab and Go Kamala daily challenge in Marvel’s Avengers, you have to defeat a certain number of grabbed enemies. Now, the problem is, what counts as grabbed enemies? Well, as it turns out, you have to unlock the Harpoon skill, or ranged power attack. You’ll find it under the Ranged category, right under the first skill, Whip Fist. This skill allows you to grab enemies of standard size, and fling them around. That’s the whole “grabbing” thing in “Grab and Go” daily challenge.

how to complete grab & go marvels avengers kamala daily challenge
Kamala Harpoon skill

Here’s a quick rundown of how exactly the Harpoon ranged power attack works. When you execute a Whip Fist attack, you can then hold R2 to “grab and hold standard-sized enemies.” Once you do that, you can use the right stick to move them around and release R2 to throw them. You can boost the damage you do with this attack with other skills. If you encounter larger enemies that cannot be grabbed, you can still use this attack to knock them back. That obviously won’t count towards the Grab and Go daily challenge, but it’s still useful to know.

Just keep in mind that the Harpoon skill continuously drains intrinsic energy as long as you hold onto an enemy. So, you have to be careful about how you manage your resources if you want to complete the Grab and Go challenge as efficiently as possible. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have no problem with the daily task whatsoever.

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