Avengers Dreadbot Locations - Wiring Bundles

Dreadbots are a type of enemy in Marvel’s Avengers. They’re big, yellow robots walking on four legs, and they’re part of a daily challenge. Killing them drops wiring bundles, which you need to collect for the challenge. If you’re wondering where to find the robots so you can complete the challenge as quickly as possible, this guide will show you Marvel’s Avengers dreadbot locations.

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avengers dreadbot locations wiring bundles
Avengers Dreadbot Locations – Wiring Bundles

Where to find dreadbots in Marvel’s Avengers?

The best place we’ve found has two of them in close proximity. It’s in the Enter The Avengers threat sector in the Eastern Seaboard. Start the mission and turn right immediately. Go past the Ash hotel, then follow the street as it turns left. You’ll find the first one in front of the bridge, on the crossroads. After you defeat it, cross the bridge and you’ll find another one waiting for you.

If you need more, simply restart the mission and chase after these two again. Both are guaranteed to spawn, and both are guaranteed to drop wiring bundles. As challenges go, this one isn’t so bad. It might be a bit grindy, depending on how many wiring bundles you need, but it’s still bearable. You don’t need to unlock a specific power or attack, you don’t need to wrack your brain trying to figure out where to find DNA keys, or scramble around shield caches and their tiny, tiny door switches to unlock new vault missions.

If you get stuck with other stuff in the game – and you probably will since so much of it is extremely confusing – be sure to check out our other guides. We’ve written about daily challenges, weekly challenges, the best way to farm patterns, Spider Man’s inclusion in the game and how to get him, the locations of various artifacts and more.



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