Avengers Master Sniper - Defeat Dreadbots or Exo Weak Spots With Ranged Attacks

Master Sniper in Marvel’s Avengers is a Black Widow weekly challenge that you can complete. It requires you to defeat dreadbots or exos with ranged attacks to their weak points. Completing the Marvel’s Avengers Master Sniper weekly challenge with Black Widow seems like a breeze, but it can be a bother, because the wording of the description is actually kinda bad. So, here’s our Avengers Master Sniper – Defeat Dreadbots or Exo Weak Spots With Ranged Attacks guide to hopefully help you out.

avengers master sniper defeat dreadbots or exo weak spots with ranged attacks
Avengers Master Sniper – Defeat Dreadbots or Exo Weak Spots With Ranged Attacks

Defeat Dreadbots or Exos with Ranged Attacks in Weak Points – Black Widow Master Sniper Weekly Challenge

To complete the Black Widow Master Sniper weekly challenge in Marvel’s Avengers, you have to defeat a certain number of Dreadbots or Exos by hitting their weak spots with ranged attacks. Or, in other words, shoot them where it hurts, or so it would seem. In actuality, what this challenge requires you to do is deliver the final blow via ranged attack to the weak point. So, if you’ve spent a while shooting an Exo or Dreadbot in the weak spot, but kill them with a different attack, it’s not going to count. So, be careful there.

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Now, there’s a number of quests where you can find either Dreadbots or Exos to farm them for the challenge. We recommend, for example, the “Out of the Shadows” Shield Faction mission in the Pacific Northwest. This specific quest features both enemies you need, and is fairly brief to complete. When it comes to the Dreadbots, their weak spot is the red area on their lower abdomen. As for Exos, any purple light on their body is a weak spot, and the large one on the back is the most obvious target. You’ll know you’re hitting the weak spot when the numbers flash red, green or yellow. The closer the color is to green, the better.

So, yeah, that’s how you complete the Master Sniper Black Widow weekly challenge in Marvel’s Avengers. If you need assistance with anything else, check out some of our other guides on the subject. To name a few, we’ve got Patterns Farming Guide – Unlock Cosmetics at Fabrication Machine, DNA Key Locations and Farming, and How to Get Spider-Man.

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