Avengers Stark Realities Shield Cache Location Unlock Switch - Vault Key

Shield caches are special places of interest in Marvel’s Avengers. They appear in war zones, and can be unlocked by finding hidden switches on the map. They can contain various treasures – we found a vault key in the one in the Stark Realities mission. This is a special item that allows you to play a vault mission – if you want one yourself, this guide will show you Stark Realities shield cache unlock switch location in Marvel’s Avengers.

marvel's avengers stark realities shield cache unlock switch location vault key
Marvel’s Avengers Stark Realities Shield Cache Location Unlock Switch – Vault Key

Where to find Shield cache in Stark Realities?

Once you start the mission, head through the woods in front of you, a bit to the left. Follow the forest until you reach a canyon. Follow the canyon until it takes a turn left – there are ledges here you can use to climb out. Once you’re out, you should see a purple light on a nearby tree. Continue in that direction a bit more, until you reach a clearing. There will be a single tree in the middle of it. Approach the tree and you’ll see a switch on the ground. Interact with it, and a secret door will open, revealing the entrance to the Shield cache.

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Inside, you’ll find a bunch of chests with resources, maybe some gear, but most importantly, you’ll find a vault key. This is a special resource that allows you to play vault missions from the war room. These missions reward you with the best gear, so it’s a good idea to play them whenever you can. You can only hold one vault key in your inventory – until you spend it, others won’t appear in missions even when you’re in a place that guarantees a vault key spawn. So make sure you spend the key before you head out to look for another.

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