Marvel's Avengers Steam Early Access Not Available - Coming September 4th

Marvel’s Avengers is coming on September 4th, but everyone who preordered the deluxe editions is entitled to 72 hours early access. The console players all got it at midnight local time, but PC folks are having trouble. The game won’t start, and it is listed as coming on September 4th, even though they’ve bought the deluxe edition. This guide will explain why Marvel’s Avengers Steam early access is not available.

marvel's avengers steam early access not available coming september 4th
Marvel’s Avengers Steam Early Access Not Available – Coming September 4th

Marvel’s Avengers deluxe early access not available on Steam

The thing is, Steam has a different default release time than the other platforms, and publishers often neglect to change it. So while most games get a rolling midnight launch on consoles, PC users are often stuck waiting a bit more.

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The game is supposed to be released at 9AM PDT for all Steam users, regardless of time zone. This means it’s coming out at 12PM EDT, or 6 PM CEST. In Australia, that’s 2AM the day after. Since the early access gives you exactly 72 hours of head start, which is 3 days, this means it also will become available at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT / 6 PM CEST.

It’s unfortunate, but there’s not much you can do about it. In the words of the great Sydney Youngblood: all you can do, is sit and wait. It’s only a few more hours, but it’s still pretty annoying. Lots of people made plans thinking they had the release time right, scheduled time off, started pretending they’re sick, etc. And all of it could’ve been avoided if only publishers started announcing precise release times for their games. They obviously know how many people want to play the game as soon as it’s live, since they’re literally charging extra money for a few days of early access. It shouldn’t be too hard.

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