How Long is Marvel's Avengers Game

Marvel’s Avengers has been released for some, and those who still haven’t got their hands on the game are asking a lot of questions. One of the main ones is how long the campaign is. It’s a game that’s meant to be replayed for all eternity (or at least until they release a sequel and bin this one), so it’s not like you can ever finish it, but there’s a story you can complete. This guide will show you how long it takes to hear that story out, and in turn, how long is Marvel’s Avengers.

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how long is marvel's avengers game
How Long is Marvel’s Avengers Game

How long is the story campaign in Marvel’s Avengers?

The first ones to blow through the main story say it takes about 11 hours to finish it. If you’re just here to hear another story about your favorite super heroes, that’s how long it’ll take. Since this is just gunning for the finishing line, we presume it’ll take about 15-16 hours for the average player to get there, with all the detours and stops along the way. As time goes by, dedicated players will probably find a way to shave hours off for a speedier playthrough.

Once you’re done with the main story, there’s still a bunch of non-essential missions you can take on, as well as secret vault missions. There are also daily challenges and hero challenge cards to complete, and the never-ending hunt for better gear. As the developers release new heroes, you’ll likely want to do all those things with them as well. All in all, if you end up liking the game, you’ll enjoy the fact that there’s no such thing as an end in sight.

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