Unlock HARM Room Location in Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers HARM Room is the training room in the game that you have to unlock and figure out the location of. It basically lets you play as the different heroes in the game to get a better feel for them. Since it’s a part of the main story, you have to find it. However, the problem here is figuring out where the HARM room is in Marvel’s Avengers. Well, if you can’t figure out where it is, here’s our Unlock HARM Room Location in Marvel’s Avengers guide to help you.

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unlock harm room location in marvels avengers
Unlock HARM Room Location in Marvel’s Avengers

Where to Find Marvel’s Avengers HARM Room?

To find the HARM Room in Marvel’s Avengers, you first have to push far enough through the main story. Don’t worry, the game will tell you exactly when that happens, as you can see above. After that happens, head opposite from JARVIS and through the door with the Avengers logo. Head down the corridor and through the door shaped like a triangle. Then, walk down the corridor past the TV with Phil Sheldon yammering on, and through the circular door. You’ll find yourself face to face with the Quinjet.

Once you’re at the Quinjet, you can interact with it. Then, find your way down to the lower level, where you can also interact with the van. However, your real goal is the blue-lit circular door that’s basically right underneath the door through which you got into the hangar in the first place. Walk down the short staircase and you’ll see the entrance to the HARM room on the right. Go all the way to the end and interact with the touchscreen panel from which you get into the program itself. You can handle it from there.

If you’ve already played the Avengers Beta, and you were after the Hulk Busters in Fortnite, you’ve already played some of the HARM rooms. Long story short, it basically lets you play as any of the heroes for training purposes. It’s pretty much just hoard modes, but it lets you get the feel of all the heroes. You do have to play as Iron Man first before you unlock the others, but it’s fine.

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