Unlock Thor, Captain America, Iron Man in Marvel's Avengers

When you start Marvel’s Avengers, most of the heroes will be locked. Technically, all of them. You’ll unlock each character as you progress through the story, but they’re all unlocked at different points in the story line. While you can use them all in multiplayer, a number of folks have been wondering when exactly does their favorite hero appear. This guide will show you how to unlock Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Ms Marvel in Marvel’s Avengers.

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Unlock Thor, Captain America, Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers

How to unlock Thor

Although you can use Thor briefly in the Once an Avenger mission, you’ll only unlock him after another mission, called Testing 1.. 2.. 3… Once you’ve completed that one, the god of thunder will be added to your roster permanently. His challenge card and iconic mission will also unlock at that time.

How to unlock Captain America

Captain America goes hand in hand with Thor – he is also unlocked after the Testing 1.. 2.. 3.. mission. Your shield-throwing antics will have to wait until then. It’s a bit weird, seeing how central he is to the gang, but hey, what can you do?

Unlock Iron Man

Iron Man Tony Snark is also not available from the get-go. Not to worry, though. You’ll unlock him soon enough. He becomes available after you finish the House Call mission.

How to unlock Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers

In order to unlock Hulk, the brilliant scientist with unresolved anger issues, you’ll have to complete the Snowy Tundra mission. Since he was available in the betas, not many people are that anxious to see him in action.

Unlock Ms Marvel

Ms Marvel was also one of the heroes you could try out in the beta tests, which means a lot of folks already know what to expect from her and aren’t in a hurry to unlock her. For those who are: you’ll get her at the same time as the Hulk, after the Snowy Tundra mission.

How to unlock Black Widow

Black Widow is the final character in the list, at least for now. Everyone’s favorite Russian super-spy becomes part of the team after you complete the mission To Stand Alone.

More characters are supposed to be added after launch, so keep an eye on this space once new heroes start dropping.

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