Marvel's Avengers Vault Key - Snowy Tundra Vault

Vault keys are a special resource in Marvel’s Avengers. They’re used to access secret vault missions from the war room. These give out some of the best gear rewards in the game, so they’re worth doing whenever you get a vault resource. One of the vaults you’ll get to plunder is the Snowy Tundra Vault. This guide will show you where to find a Marvel’s Avengers vault key for Snowy Tundra Vault.

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marvel's avengers vault key snowy tundra vault
Marvel’s Avengers Vault Key – Snowy Tundra Vault

How to access Snowy Tundra Vault?

In order to access the Snowy Tundra Vault mission, you’ll need a vault key. You can find one in the Stark Realities mission in the Pacific Northwest. Once you start the mission, head left and through the forest. Keep going until you reach a dried up river in a small canyon. Follow the canyon until it makes a sharp turn left. Once you’ve climbed up the ledge, you’ll see a purple light on one of the trees. Go past it, and keep walking until you’re in a clearing. There should be a single pine tree in the middle of it.

Aproach the tree and you’ll see a hidden switch on the ground. Interact with it, and the door to the Shield Cache will open. Head inside and you’ll find a bunch of crates with various resources and maybe even some gear. One of those chests will contain a vault key. Once you have it, complete the mission and head into the war room. The Snowy Tundra Vault mission will be available on the map, on the other side of the globe.

You can only carry one vault key with you, so it’s best if you play through a vault mission as soon as you obtain one, in order to keep the inventory slot free in case you stumble upon another randomly.

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