NBA 2K21 Error Code 726e613d - Unable to Start New MyCareer

Error Code 726e613d in NBA 2K21 makes you unable to start a new MyCareer, and players are wondering how to fix it. As it turns out, there’s a good reason for why Error Code 726e613d exists in the game; it’s to prevent misusing starting a New MyCareer to farm VC. Fortunately for you, there’s a way fix the New MyCareer error code in NBA 2K21. We’re going to show you what you have to do in our NBA 2K21 Error Code 726e613d – Unable to Start New MyCareer guide.

NBA 2K21 Error Code 726e613d – Unable to Start New MyCareer

How to Fix Unable to Start New MyCareer Error Code 726e613d in NBA 2K21

To fix the NBA 2K21 Error Code 726e613d that makes you unable to start a new MyCareer, there are two things you can do. See, as far as we can tell, the 726e613d error code in NBA 2K21 appears when you try to make more than five characters in 24 hours. This is presumably an intentional limitation to prevent exploiting the system to farm VC. Can’t have you not paying them even more money on top of money, you see.

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Anyway, to solve Error Code 726e613d, you have to wait 24 hours for the error to time out, basically. Since the error is just a way to prevent you from farming, it goes away on its own when the timer is up. Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait, you can always delete and reinstall the game. It’s certainly the option that takes up less time, and lets you dupe the safeguard system. And I’m always for duping the system. That said, this method is not a 100% guaranteed success. Still, there’s no real harm in trying. Good luck.

So, there you have it, that’s how you fix the NBA 2K21 726e613d Error Code. if you need assistance with anything else, we’ve got a few other guides that you’ll likely find helpful. Specifically, we’ve got Shooting Tips & Best Shooting Badges, NBA 2k21 Dunk – Contact Dunk Requirements & Best Badges, and VC Not Working – Pre-Order Bonus Issue.

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  1. R
    Roderick holiday

    I still can’t play mycareer and i did what yall said yall can’t fix it ?

    1. T

      Same I’m sueing this nba 2k21

  2. X

    I was just trying to do a vidoe of the best 2k 21 builds then that happened so I can’t play for 24 hours

    1. M

      Comment le problème peux partir parce que je vien dafficher le code derreur 726e613d

  3. T
    Tai Truong

    My 2k21 shows error code 726e613d whenever I go to Upgrade my Shooting Badges and to confirm it and go back it pops up the error code and takes me back to main menu but the other badges I upgrade are fine, how would I resolve this?

    1. I
      Ian McDade

      Mine does the same thing but for playmaking badges

      1. K

        Me too, have u got the solution for it?

    2. N

      I have the same issue, were you able to get any workaround?

    3. D

      Did you figure it out?

    4. S

      I have this problem too and tried restarting and resetting wifi and it still didn’t work ?

  4. T

    What’s wrong with this stupid game, I haven’t created a second career but still gives me a error code I can play the game but cannot upgrade my guy whats the point in this error who came up with this dumb stupid idiotic error code,

    1. D
      Dee Davis

      Have you figured out why its doing it bc im having the same problem

  5. T

    Thanks so much. I read your information about the NBA 2k21 game as my son was freaking out when it just happened to him. He had a different error code than yours though. He did uninstall it but it did not reset. I guess we are waiting 24 hours now. Thank you for your post. There is nothing else online about this that I found for the new game!!

  6. E

    I’m only on my first build & I only get this error code when I’m trying to put my play making badges on. So what’s the real issue?

  7. F

    Every time I try and upgrade my space creator badge I get a error code every time and loggs you out same with about a 100 other people I now this game is crap!!!

  8. D
    Dee Davis

    Have any of y’all figured out why its doing it when you upgrade your badges? Bc im having that same problem

    1. R
      Robert Blackstone

      I’m having the same issues smh…we pay to much money for this game to still be crappy ….#2k is more and more trash every year

  9. A

    I’m getting this error code when I try to put difficult shot badge on anyone know why?

  10. T
    Ty S

    Yeah no clue, made a second dude and I can play and all but when I try to upgrade shooting badge I get this error code. I waited 24 hours and tried uninstalling and then reinstalling and nothing worked. Able to upgrade everything but my shooting. Smh….

    1. J

      I’m having the same issue. I can’t put any badges on

  11. S

    I can’t even make my build the error code pops up every time and it’s been days

  12. L

    I wait more than 24 hours, nothing changed

  13. Z

    Bro you solve this? Same to me

  14. D

    Still can’t play my career error code dumb ass game

  15. T
    Trey M Hannah

    Mine is as well I can’t get 2k to help me

  16. N
    Neil Summers

    Cant use the code at all says invailed

  17. J
    Javalas Gray

    Out of now where, that message came up. It let me bypass a couple of time. I already had a build that was on like the 20 game and this new fresh build. I could play with the build I already had on there, but when I tried it with the new build, that message would come up. I did what ever said to do. Didn’t work. Mind you, I’m in my new fresh build. Didn’t play a game yet. I read somewhere and it said”if you try to do some many builds within a couple hours the message will come up. You will have to wait 24 hours for it to reset.” I’m still on my fresh build. So I played the every first game out.I won,it continued to play thru, and ???. Also, I deleted everything, I did the myteam way… (go to myteam, turn off, whatever whatever) that didn’t work. In on right now… Took me bout 3 hours to figure it out. Jus play the very first game on the fresh build and you should be good….

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