Will Marvel's Avengers Beta Progress Carry Over to The Full Game?

A lot of players who’ve tried the Marvel’s Avengers beta these past few weeks will also be playing the full game in a week. Some of them got access to the beta by preordering, others were convinced to buy it by the open beta. Many of them are wondering whether the progress they’ve made will transfer to the full game once it’s out. In this guide, we’re going to answer the question will Marvel’s Avengers beta progress carry over to the full game.

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will marvel avengers beta progress transfer to full game
Will Marvel’s Avengers Beta Progress Carry Over to The Full Game

Marvel’s Avengers beta progress transfer to game release

The progress you’ve made in the Marvel’s Avengers beta does not carry over to the full game. You’ll have to start over from the beginning when it releases. It makes sense – a lot of stuff was tweaked even between the beta weekends, and it’s not going to be the same experience. Additionally, anyone who’s played the beta would have a head start, which could be seen as being a bit unfair.

The only thing that does carry over are the two exclusive nameplates. If you managed to complete the three HARM room challenges and obtain the cosmetic items, they will be available to you on release, provided you use the same Square Enix Members account you used for the beta – that’s where they’re stored.

But the missions you’ve completed, the unlocks you got, the gear you painstakingly grinded for, the friends you made along the way? Gone, dust in the wind. You’ll get them back, though. You now know how things work, which means you’ll progress through the game that much faster. It’s a minor setback, really, one that was to be expected – rarely do games allow beta progress to transfer over to the full game, for a myriad of reasons.

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