Gotham Knights Trailer Shows Batgirl & Robin Fighting Mr Freeze

It’s a new Batman game! Except it’s not because in this timeline, Batman is dead. But there’s twelve thousand more Batpersons, and you get to play as them this time! It’s all a bit confusing, but maybe the new gameplay trailer will shed some light on the situation? At the very least, it’ll allow us to see the game in action and learn more about this new Gotham.

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gotham knights gameplay trailer
Gotham Knights Trailer Shows Batgirl & Robin Fighting Mr Freeze

As you can see, it’s a third-person action game, set in an open-world Gotham, but not the Gotham we’ve already explored to death in the Arkham Trilogy – oh no, this is a whole ‘nother Gotham. Since Batman is no more, you’ll get to play as Batgirl, Robin, Other Robin and Angry Robin. You’ll be able to play it by yourself, or with another human being via the internet.

Each of the junior Batpersons has their own style, which comes with its own weapon, skills, gear and a customizable suit. Batgirl has a tonfa, Robin uses a quarterstaff (collapsible, for easier transport), Dark Robin uses Escrima Sticks and Angry Robin is… very strong? They’ll all have access to the Batcycle, presumably because they’re not old enough have a proper drivers licence, which would allow them to use other Batvehicles.

The trailer we’ve mentioned shows two players, taking on the roles of Batgirl and Robin, dealing with a bunch of thugs and uncovering Mr Freeze’s plot to (wait for it) freeze the city. This new Gotham will consist of five areas, and we presume each one will have its own villain looking to turn it into a botanical garden, fridge or penguin enclosure. Here’s hoping that Joker is dead in this universe too, because I really could use a break from that guy. The game is being developed by the team behind Arkham Origins – you know, the game everyone conveniently ignores when talking about the Arkham “trilogy”.

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