Get Rocket a Charged Battery - Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Find a Battery

Get Rocket a charged battery in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – find a battery is a step during a quest in Chapter 1. It requires you to find a battery for Rocket’s thumper. It’s a bit of a puzzle that you can only solve if you use Star-Lord’s helmet scanner and pick up on several environmental clues. The step is not too hard to do, but I can see some of you getting stumped. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you solve this part of the quest.

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get rocket a charged battery marvels guardians of the galaxy find a battery
Get Rocket a Charged Battery – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Find a Battery

Where to Find Charged Battery for Rocket’s Thumper in Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 1

To find and get Rocket a charged battery for his thumper in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 1, you need to use Star-Lord’s helmet scanner (R3 on consoles). As Rocket is messing around with the Chitauri bomb, look at the wall on the opposite side. You’ll see a large, strangely-shaped mass that glows yellow with the visor on. It’s grayish-white when the scanner is off. Check below that mass, and you’ll find a bunch of dead batteries laying on the floor. This is a pretty solid hint, but not quite enough.

With the scanner on, look at the yellow mass and read the little lore blurb that appears when you fix your eyes on it. The text tells you that it’s brittle. Now, notice that there’s a platform inside the mass, and that there’s a yellow cube on said platform. Those are all the clues you need to find and get Rocket a charged battery for the thumper in Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 1. Shoot the mass to break it, and that cube will fall on the floor. That’s the charged battery, so pick it up and take it to Rocket.

You can figure the rest of the quest out on your own, just be advised that a whole bunch of enemies are going to attack when Rocket is done futzing with the bomb. And that about does it for this guide. Stay tuned, because we have more guides for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy coming down the pipeline.

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    Hi, I’m stuck in this area because the scan doesn’t work, I noticed it’s been like this since the beginning of the game. Game on PS4 ever seen something similar with other players?


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