Hide the Llama Creature or Hide the Tech - Guardians of the Galaxy Choice Answer

The Hide the Llama Creature or Hide the Tech Guardians of the Galaxy choice answer is a choice in Chapter 2 that is the first one that really has any effect on later chapters. Not much of a effect, but an effect nonetheless. So, I bet a lot of you are going to want to know what to choose in this instance, and what happens with each choice. Well, that’s what we’ll be showing you in our Hide the Llama Creature or Hide the Tech Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy guide.

hide the llama creature or hide the tech guardians of the galaxy choice answer
Hide the Llama Animal or Hide the Tech – Guardians of the Galaxy Choice Answer

Hide the Llama Animal Choice Guardians of the Galaxy

If you choose to hide the llama-like Quarantine Zone creature in the Guardians of the Galaxy Hide the Llama Creature or Hide the Tech choice, later on in the story, Ko-Rel will fine you 7000 Credits for illegal weapons. This will also take away a slight firepower advantage you’ll have in a battle way later in the game. That advantage is fairly negligible, and hiding the llama saves you a thousand credits, as we’ll explain in the next section. Besides, look at that adorable, dopey face. How could you not hide it? Long story short, in our humble opinion, this is the choice to go with – hide the llama. It’s cheaper, and the added firepower is not worth the hassle.

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Hide Rocket’s Tech Choice Guardians of the Galaxy Choice in Chapter 2

If you opt to hide Rocket’s tech in the Guardians of the Galaxy Chapter 2 Hide the Llama Creature or Hide the Tech choice, Ko-Rel will find you 8000 credits; 7000 for trespassing and an extra thousand for the llama that you tried to smuggle. On the bright side, you get to save Rocket’s stash, which pays of much later during one specific encounter. However, it really doesn’t do that much to tip the scales in the battle; not one thousand Credits worth, at any rate. So, again, we recommend you stash the llama rather than the tech.

Two important things to note before we wrap up. One, this choice is really not that important; no matter what you pick, the story will play out the same. Two, if you don’t make a choice in time, you won’t hide the llama or the tech. Therefore, as far as we know, you’ll both get fined the extra thousand credits and lose Rocket’s tech. So, while the choice doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, do make sure that you pick something, lest you get the worst possible outcome.

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