Sell Rocket or Sell Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy Choice

What would a Guardians of the Galaxy game be without outrageous plans? These never end up well for the team, and one of the choices that you will need to make in Marvel’s GotG require that you choose which team member to sell – Rocket or Groot. This is a pivotal choice, since each will have different consequences and will even result in completely divergent gameplay sections. But which one should you choose? To help you make the best choice for you, our Sell Rocket or Sell Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy Choice guide will explain what each choice will result in.

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Sell Rocket or Sell Groot - Guardians of the Galaxy Choice

Sell Rocket Choice – Guardians of the Galaxy

At the beginning of Chapter 3, the GotG will find themselves in a sticky situation and in need of a large amount of cash. To get it, they have devised one of their usual harebrained schemes – to sell one of their teammates to Lady Hellbender. She is a monster collector and is willing to pay a lot of credits to expand her collection. Luckily for you, you have two such members on board that can pass for monsters. These are Groot and Rocket. While you will need to make the choice then, you can change your mind before you meet up with Lady Hellbender.

If you select to sell Rocket Racoon, the entire deal will go south fast. Lady Hellbender will insult Rocket, calling him a woodland animal. Rocket being Rocket won’t take this lightly, and a fight will break out. At the end of this sequence, you will end up in a vault of poison gas. To escape it, direct Gamora to cut the light in the middle of the chamber and then order Drax to throw it at a weak spot in the wall. You will be able to loot the Vault and get away with 12,000 Credits.

Sell Groot Choice – Guardians of the Galaxy

If, instead of selling Rocket, you opt to sell Groot instead, you will receive an entirely different result. Groot is more classically monstrous-looking (though we all know he’s a big softie inside), so Lady Hellbender will be much more open to buying him. She will offer you 10,000 Credits, though you can increase this to 12,000 if you let Drax take care of the negotiations. The key difference between selling Rocket and selling Groot is that, while doing this with Rocket will result in an action sequence, trading Groot will lead you to a stealth section instead. This stealth sequence will lead you to a throne room where you will need to solve an electrical puzzle before you can liberate Groot.

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