Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Release Date & Time

The Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy release date and time is edging ever closer, so of course impatient players want to know when they can start playing the game. They want to know when the game’s launch date and time is. I can understand that; the Guardians of the Galaxy are extremely likeable characters, and the game itself is Square’s opportunity to atone at least slightly for the unmitigated disaster that was (and still is) Marvel’s Avengers. So, with all of that said, let’s find out when the game will release for you.

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marvels guardians of the galaxy release date & time
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Release Date & Time

Release Date & Time of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

The release date and time of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy depend on both your location and which platform you’re playing on. So, first off, let’s cover PC. On Steam and the Epic Games Store, the launch will happen worldwide on October 26th at 9 AM PT / 12 PM ET / 6 PM CEST. That’s nice and simple. As for consoles, aka PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox one and Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch, the game will launch on October 26th at midnight local time. In the US, that actually means midnight Eastern Time, aka October 25th at 9 PM Pacific Time. All this info comes from the game’s official Twitter, so it’s legit, unless something unforeseen happens in the meantime.

With all that said, one more thing we do want to note is that there is no early access to the game, which is a welcome change compared to the gross practices of Marvel’s Avengers. The only thing you get early access to is unlocking a couple of Star-Lord outfits if you’ve bought the Deluxe edition. This is just cosmetic and doesn’t influence the game at all, and besides, you’ll be able to get these outfits “properly” by finding them throughout the game. Nobody’s gonna miss out on anything, is what I’m saying. So, when the Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy release date and time rolls around, just play it normally and enjoy it without fretting about what you’ve unlocked and when. Maybe Square Enix has finally made a good game again; that’d certainly be a cause for celebration!

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