Inscryption Safe Code Cabin Puzzle Solution

Part roguelike, part deckbuilder, and part escape room, Inscryption is a game that seemingly defies easy classification. Coming from Pony Island designer Daniel Mullins, it’s no wonder that the game is very meta in nature and its puzzle solutions are usually very abstract. Figuring out the exact Safe Code in the Cabin is one the puzzles that you will need to solve during the course of the game. However, like most things about Inscryption, doing so isn’t easy. If you are struggling with how to open the Safe, this Inscryption Safe Code Cabin Puzzle Solution guide will explain what you need to do in order to get it open and pick up your prize inside.

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Inscryption Safe Code Cabin Puzzle Solution

How to Unlock Safe – Inscryption Cabin Puzzle

There are times in Inscryption where you will have to leave the map where the large part of the game takes place, and take a look around the cabin in which you are trapped. To stand up, you will first need to wait until the map is rolled out. Then, hit the back directional button. This will make your character stand up. Next, turn right and walk past the Clock Puzzle. You will see the safe that you need to open here. While you can do it now, you won’t get what you are supposed to from it until you find the solution.

The solution for this puzzle is to the left of the table with the map. Look for another table with a hammer nailed above it. There is a book on the table. Open it up, and flip through it. When you get to the Mighty Leap page, you will see that there are three red numbers on that page. This is the combination to open the safe. The numbers could be random and vary from player to player, but in our playthrough, they were: 273. Note that you need to see these numbers first before you use them to open the safe. If you try to open the safe before that using this combination, all you will find in it is a clump of meat. But if you use the Safe Code after discovering it, you will get your rewards – the Stinkbug card and a key.

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