Mass Effect Andromeda - Combat Gameplay Released

Mass Effect Andromeda released a new video featuring many variations of combat gameplay in the game, explained by the narrator. We can see the cover system and different weapons and skills in action. This one is called Part 1, so we can definitely expect more gameplays like this in the future, explaining the core mechanics before the official release.

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The first section of the video talks about weapons and skills in the game. As stated by the narrator, the combat system is based on dynamic third person combat, offering the freedom of movement. A new feature that wasn’t in the previous Mass Effect games is the hover jet, allowing you to jump around the environment and evade or gain advantage over your enemies. There are four categories of guns: Assault Rifles, Snipers, Shotguns and Pistols.

Melee combat offers a wide variety of swords, Omni Blades and biotic Amplifiers for close combat engagements. All guns will be available to every player, there will be no class restrictions. There are three technology types for weapons, depending on the origin. Milky Way weapons fire physical projectiles, Remnant weapons use beams and Helius weapons use plasma ammunition.

Also, there won’t be any restrictions to skill selections. Players will be able to invest in any skill they prefer, without any limitations. There are three main skill trees: Combat, Biotic and Tech. Combat is focused on weapon skills and gear such as mines, grenades and specific weapons. Tech skills allow you to use abilities such as the cryo beam, flamethrowers and turrets. Biotics harness the power of gravity, allowing you to manipulate the environment and enemies around you.

You will be able to change your combat setup on the fly, adjusting to every situation. Also, orders can be issued to your companions for even better combat efficiency. We will keep you posted as soon as Mass Effect releases the second part of the official gameplay series.

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