Pokemon GO Generation 2 Pokemon Evolution Item Requirements

The Generation 2 update to Pokemon GO brought a lot of new Pokemon to the mix. However, we also have new evolutions for old Pokemon. Most of them require evolution items, because they are branching evolutions. Some of them, however, are just extra evolutions that just require candy.

Pokemon GO Generation 2 Pokemon Evolution Item Requirements
Pokemon GO Generation 2 Pokemon Evolution Item Requirements

Earlier, we wrote about the new Pokemon GO update and all of the new things it introduced to the game. On top of everything else, a couple of already existing Pokemon have gotten brand new evolutions. Below, you can check out the list of which Pokemon got new evolutions, and what you need for them.

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  • Chancey to Blissey
    You’ll need 50 Chancey candies and no evolution item.
  • Eevee to Espeon
    To get Espeon, it takes the standard 25 Eevee candies. You don’t need any evolution items. The trick is, like with previous evolutions, to name your Eevee correctly. For Espeon, it’s Sakura.
  • Eevee to Umbreon
    Just like above, getting Umbreon requires 25 Eevee candies and the correct name. This time, it’s Tamao.
  • Gloom to Bellossom
    Getting Bellossom is a branching evolution, so it requires an evolution item, the Sun Stone. You’ll also need 100 Oddish Candies.
  • Golbat to Crobat
    This is a new evolution, but it’s not a branch, so you won’t need an evolution item. All you need is 100 Zubat candies.
  • Onix to Steelix
    For this evolution, make sure you have 50 Onix candies and the Metal Coat item.
  • Poliwhirl to Politoed
    This branch requires 100 Poliwag candies and the King’s Rock item.
  • Porygon to Porygon 2
    To get Porygon 2, you need the Upgrade item and 50 Porygon candies.
  • Scyther to Scizor
    Another evolution that requires you to have the Metal Coat. You’ll also need 50 Scyther candies.
  • Seadra to Kingdra
    100 Horsea candies, plus the Dragon Scale item, and you can have Kingdra.
  • Slowpoke to Slowking
    Get a King’s Rock and 50 Slowpoke candies in order to get a Slowking.

Hopefully, this list will help you out on your journey. Good luck, trainers.

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