Mass Effect Andromeda - Combat Profiles & Squads Gameplay

Mass Effect Andromeda released a new gameplay video, featuring combat profiles and squads, in Part 2 of their official gameplay series. The narrator talks about different skill variations that can be used in combat. Feel free to check out the video below:

Mass Effect Andromeda - Combat Profiles & Squads Gameplay
Mass Effect Andromeda – Combat Profiles & Squads Gameplay

There are 3 skill sets in the game: combat, tech and biotics. As you specialize and gain skill points, you will gain access to seven types of profiles. Each profile gives certain amount of bonuses. For example, the Adept profile gives bonuses to biotic force, damage, combo radius and more. On the other hand, the explorer profile grants 7% damage, 7% resistance and tech recharge speed.

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Mass Effect Andromeda will also feature favorites, which allows us to map three skills and a single profile to one slot. There will be four favorites available, and they can can be changed at any time during combat. This means that our character can be prepared for any combat situation, and switch if necessary. For example, there can be one favorite for long range combat, one for close quarters, Biotics and one for tech powers.

As we can see in the video below, the player used all four of his favorite slots to take down a group of enemies and a huge fiend. This is a great feature, giving us freedom to choose the way we want to play, without any class restrictions whatsoever.

Each of the companions has three active and two passive skills in combat. We will be able to team up with them for some devastating power combos. For example, the player used the biotic sphere to trap the enemies and just ordered a squad mate to finish them off. Also, choosing the correct skills for your team mates will make those power combos even more powerful.

This one was the second part of the official Mass Effect gameplay series. Hopefully we will see even more before the official release.

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