Hellion Launching on Steam Early Access

Hellion, the multiplayer space survival and exploration sim from Zero Gravity, is going to be released on Steam early access later today. The price is still unknown, but will be revealed once the game launches.

hellion steam early access
Hellion launches on Steam early access

The story takes place in the Hellion solar system, during the 23rd century. You wake from cryo sleep to find out nothing is as it should be. As the first generation of Earth’s space colonists, you can either try to create order, or become an outlaw.

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According to the Steam page, the game has already been in development for two years, and the devs have decide to share it with the public and gauge interest. They want feedback from the players, and are hoping to include the community in the game’s development. The early access phase will last at least a year, maybe more. The price will probably increase as more content is added to the game. As for the current state of the game, here’s what the devs say:

Hellion is in a state that clearly represents the idea behind it- an immersive gameplay with realistic physics and complex ship and station systems that require regular maintenance in order for players to stay alive. We believe one multipurpose industrial ship and the station building feature are enough for players to kick off their space adventure, while hundred players per server will guarantee a fun and interesting multiplayer experience. A lot of content has yet to be added, followed by polishing and more optimization. Also, we plan localization of the game to various languages in the near future.

If you want more details, you should check out their development roadmap. They’ve also published a tutorial video that explains navigation and flying. It looks a bit overwhelming at first, but it’s a spaceship – it should be overwhelming.

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