Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion Side Quest - Let Go or Kill Roekaar Cell Leader

Contagion is a side mission in Mass Effect Andromeda. It revolves around finding a diseased Nexus resident who has disappeared. It’s a long quest, with a particularly hard choice at the end. There’s also a bug that can temporarily stop you from solving it, but it’s easy to work around. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to finish Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion side quest, what happens when you kill or spare the Roekaar leader.

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mass effect andromeda contagion side mission
ME: Andromeda Contagion side quest
Note: The quest starts after you unlock Kadara, but you won’t be able to finish it until you have access to Kadara Slums (obtained during Hunting The Archon main mission).

Where to find Ruth Bekker

After you’ve unlocked Kadara, the first time you return to the Nexus, you’ll get an email and comm message from Captain Dunn. Talk to her on the Hyperion, and she’ll tell you about the sick missing woman. She’ll ask you to speak to Dr. Carlyle in the infirmary next.

After you’re done, you’ll need to talk to the immigrations officer in the common area. The next step is to scan the common area for flashes of what Ruth did. The first one is by the immigration booth, and then it goes towards the Vortex bar. Follow it inside, and scan the hologram by the table.

Talk to Lator, the salarian by the bar. He’ll send you to Operations, to speak with Teron, the turian next to the large window. Your next stop is the docks again – talk to the wounded pilot there. He’ll tell you Ruth Bekker stole his ship, and you’ll have to get into the Tempest and follow her.

Once you’re in space, make sure you’ve marked the quest. The game will then tell you which system to scan. You’ll have to launch beacons towards anomalies in the system, and once you’ve found Bekker’s trail, you can zoom out and go to the next system. You’ll end up on Kadara, where she landed.

You’ll have to find her shuttle in the northwestern part of the map, then follow the trail to a Roekaar hideout. Defeat the bandits, then enter the base’s lower floor. Use the terminal to unlock the upstairs door. When you enter the upstairs room, you’ll find Beth being held at gunpoint by the Roekaar leader.

Kill Roekaar cell leader

Beth is highly contagious, and the bandit plans on using a sample of the virus as a biological weapon. If you decide to kill him, he’ll kill her as well. The contagion will be stopped, but Beth will die. You’ll transport her body to the Nexus in a stasis pod.

Let Roekaar leader escape

If you let the bandit escape, he’ll run off with a degraded, possibly unusable sample of the virus. It’s a risk, but it saves an innocent person’s life. You’ll have to freeze Beth before you send her back to the ship, and you’ll get some AVP for it.