Final Fantasy XV might be getting more character DLCs

It might have taken some years, but Final Fantasy XV turned some heads when it came out. It reached out to the old fans and the new and created a name for itself as one of the best titles in the long history of the franchise. Still, the game was criticized for having a bit of a ‘sloppy’ finale, as if it was rushed and many things were cut from it. Judging from the latest list of announced DLCs, there might be some truth to that.

ardyn izunia
Ardyn Izunia is a man shrouded in mystery. Perhaps the potential DLC might help with that.

The first one to come is the Gladiolus DLC. It follows Gladiolus Amicitia, the strong, deep-voiced follower of Prince Noctis who decides to undertake some new trials to be worthy of being the Shield of the King. This DLC should be followed by those for Ignis and Prompto, the other followers of the Prince.

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Hajime Tabata was recently in Italy where he received the “Best Game of the Year” prize for FF XV and talked about the above mentioned three DLCs. However, he also mentioned that there might be another character whose story was left unsaid, and that would be Ardyn. He would indeed be an interesting choice, as he is the main antagonist of FF XV. A smart and funny middle-aged man seems to have more about him than we have learned so far, according to Tabata.

Speaking of rumored DLCs, another one of those regards Aranea Highwind, one of the rare fighting female characters in the game. She became popular as a result of this and at this point the fans are expecting that she gets her own DLC.

Final Fantasy XV has definitely more to offer, with the expectations of a PC version, as well as the online component that is expected sometime this year and even VR. Hajime Tabate, the man who managed to save the Final Fantasy from eating itself, seems very inspired to do much more with the game.

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    I would kill for an Ardyn DLC. He was easily my favourite character in the game, and I really wanted to know more about his story. Getting to play as him would make me insanely happy. 🙂

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